1. Naraku

    if you like the anime inuyasha vote in this poll

    i think Naraku and Kagome:smile:
  2. N

    My map ideas

    As some of you know that I am a crazy/creative here are some of my crazy ESF map ideas...I'll see which one gets the more votes and may be my fellow mappers would work on it...
  3. Hawki_ice

    Wogasm the best!!!

    Ok Wogasm wont beleave me when i tell him hes the best so vote people show your support! heres some of his work! EDIT* more of his work!
  4. yogosaki

    Please Vote on my video...

    Well, the titel explains it, please vote on my video (it is a Gohan Tribute) and Tell me what you think... <a href = "">Well, This is the link to it, enjoy</a> <a href = "">This is the alternate mirror</a>
  5. K

    Sig Competition results + Vote

    Please vote for which one you like the best. Please, this is not a popularity vote. You have one week. (there are six bcuz there was a tie)
  6. Black Saiyan


    Vote ur answer
  7. A

    Vote And Post No Close

    :yes: GOKU RUCKS
  8. A


  9. V

    grand kai tournament (vote)

    .only vote only if your in the tournament......i made this poll bc i think i would really help Groovy pick the best day for everybody:]
  10. X

    How do I make Spheres

    I was wondering how to make spheres.
  11. S

    Various Suggestions... Vote

    pick what ones you want lol i chose almost all of them cause i like all these ideas :D :D
  12. S

    Various Suggestions... Vote

    pick what ones you want
  13. S

    Yesss!! Do It!

    YESS do it please!!! just try to enlarge the muscles very mutch and another color on the pant no u can have the same color but some marks on it ! please do it!
  14. Morrone

    Sounds- The Basics

    Alright, I have gotten half a dozen PMs asking how to make sounds ever since I released my first soundpack. So I decided to make this thread to teach everyone the basics on how to make sounds for ESF. If the mods want they can sticky this. First you need a sound program. I suggest Goldwave...
  15. S

    Where is the guy that said???

    that he created a aura for the hair ( yellow and blue lightning) So what about it did he created allready or not
  16. M

    how do you vote

    how do you vote :cry:
  17. Vengaurd

    new deathball

    ive tried for weeks but couldnt come up with anything good...this one i thnk is at least desent. what do you think?
  18. esfn00b

    Vote now!

    Vote now for ESF! It says this on the news bulletin, but some people probably wouldnt read that. VOTE FOR ESF!!!!
  19. E

    vote for ESF!!!

    there is poll goign on for the best MOD at fileplanet, i jsut thought some fo you guys might want to vote for ESF
  20. lostsoul

    Map Vote:

    Vote for your favorite map: