1. Pain

    Mod Of The Year on -- VOTE ESF!

    The voting for Mod Of The Year is in progress. Help us out by voting for us! Simply follow this link, and vote at the top of the page: Your help is appreciated!
  2. Pain

    The next Forum Competition -- YOU VOTE

    Ok guys, so we're trying to setup another competition and we figured, why not get the public's opinion? So here's your chance. You can vote or suggest any type of competition you'd like. We'd really like your input. Keep in mind your votes will be open for the public to see. Also, if you...
  3. T

    Cast Your Metalgear Vote

    Metal Gear Blue Version: Metal Gear Green Version:
  4. X

    Street Fighter Battles - Vote

    The Poll is Multiple Choice because I want you to answer the outcome of each battle & who you think can beat who. Violent Ken is still a Capcom character even though he only made an appearance in an SNK game, then again if you wanna count him in from the Animated Movie... Go ahead, but he showed...
  5. DracoHeart

    Rome Total War (Vote for the best faction!)

    I want to know which faction is the best. Then, I will play in the imperial campaign and complete with it. Right now, I have unlocked Gaul, Carthage and Greek. Anyway, which is the best playable faction in imperial campaign? With best units and settlements.
  6. K

    vote earth special forces to ClanBase
  7. Eon

    Mango sig competition: Finalists. Vote now!

    Thank you for everyone who participated in the competition, the judges had fun with the entries, it was tough. You guys will decide the FINAL winner of the competition. :D Now, I ask one thing. Please do not get your friends to sign up on the boards just to vote for a certain sig -_-...
  8. M

    Vote for Earth Special Force in Clanbase!

    Vote For Earth Special Force in Clan base!! Q:Whats clan Base? A:Its a Website ( where u can post your Clan and find fight match and u can see who plays with cheats etc its verry good to know! Q:Why Vote for ESF in Clanbase ? A:Becost first it have to be added...
  9. J

    Hottest guy in ESF!! Girls can vote (heck so can guys)

    ok I was bored, and thought this would be fun. to have a little 'competition' who is the cutest/hottest whatever on the forums :] *EDIT* I added the poll later on, and people can still post their pic, and i'll edit the poll so your name will be up. /*EDIT* so anyway, i'll start. here's my...
  10. J

    Very important Vote (concerning all forum members)

    ok, for a while now i've been trying to get a :O smilie (a .gif picture that is) on the forums. however it still hasn't happened. so vote here if you want a :O smilie or not and also post the :O smilie you want. (I know there are thousands of different :O smilies around). so we can pic the...
  11. Enix

    VOTE BLUE!!!

    HEHE, me and Ran-D are havin a fight over which color is better for the new NTP layout, so ermm...VOTE BLUE!!! Link removed.
  12. Phobius

    Iron Chef America!!! Vote

    The past 3 weeks the Japanese Iron Chefs have been screwed out of victory because the AMERICAN JUDGES can't tell a good meal from their @ss!!! Next week Morimoto and Flay team up to battle Sakai and Batali and I'm thinking of not watching that ****. I've been a huge fan of Japanese Iron...
  13. Mr. Satans

    Vote For Your Favorite Mod!
  14. V

    Cast your vote on your favorite DBZ mod/TC

    Out of the following mods/TCs which do you like the most. If you haven't heard of them before then just visit their link. Some of the sites don't offer much info on their mod/tc so try visiting their forums to get more info. And be honest.
  15. I

    New Sigmakers best sig vote

    Sig1 Sig2 Sig3 Sig4
  16. V

    whos the best... vote!!

    who would be the best pick to add in 1.2 or 1.3?? vote!!
  17. V

    well what do ya think? come vote

    In the show sometimes when big enough blasts are shot instead of hitting and blowing up, they completely cover the person.....such as the cell sage when ssj2 gohan used his 1handed khh cell crumbled or desintigrated in the middle.... or in the buu saga when goku threw the spirit bomb and buu...
  18. V

    Whats your opinion...well come vote

    should the spirit bomb and death ball be bigger...? we have all seen the spirit bomb in teh frieza saga and of course the ever popular buu saga sb....and then of course there is teh deathball, 1 of the most frequently asked questions is can any1 make these bigger. Well... what do u think should...
  19. S

    do you like my work?

    just wondering...and if you say that i could use some work or that i suck or if its ok please post saying why. you can find some of my stuff if yo look around but most of its off my host now heres my most recent one: one more thing...
  20. S

    I made a nice new map, was wondering something

    I made a nice map that is sortof similar to the arena in the martial arts series of DBZ, and i want to know how to send it to the leader of the ESF team, mabye if he likes i could get it added in the next version, or mabye even get on there team as a mapper? :) Any info on how to send is...