1. SA_Gohan

    Competition #9: Hero's, Villains, and the idiots they are

    Sorry for the delay guys, but here's the next comp. Currently Editing DESCRIPTION: Ever been watching a hero or fighter battle it out on screen, and wonder exactly why the bad guy was still standing at the end of it all? Do you think Freeza could have kicked Goku's arse in 2 seconds flat, and...
  2. TehMuffinMan

    City of Villains

    Recently ive tired of WOW and i need a break. City of heroes was really fun and i only left it for WOW because i didnt like the whole do-gooder shizzle. COV wipes the floor with it easly, decent pvp, cool missions and best of all, you get to build a secret base for your fellow minions and then...
  3. Eon

    A Simple Suggestion about the villains.

    Ok, Since the villains transformations are frowned upon by a lot of people, I had a small suggestion. For instance, once cell or buu transform, everyone else will completely murder them in a power struggle, because their powerlevel doesn't go up as fast becasuse of teh 1.5 multiplier, and...
  4. Amayirot Akago

    DBZ Movie villains

    The DBZ Movie Villains; you just can't help but have a favourite. Mine's Cooler; he's tough, he's cool looking (in his second form) and he gets killed in a cool way :D
  5. D

    DBZ Movie Villains

    I'm just curious, IF the ESF Team would decide to put one movie villain in ESF who would you like to see? Please note, I'm not gonna ask the team to implent that character, I'm just curious who you would like to see if they decided to put one in.
  6. K

    more villains! and hench main henchmen!

    dabura,zarbon, ect. u guys think there shuld be more villains?i mean buu,cell,and frieza?
  7. Eon


    I'm not flaming or trying to spam im just wanting to here if evryone thinks that there are not enough villains, personally I would like to see some more baddies as in the androids or say even brolli, i know that it is hard to use the tools to make more chars and their moves so im just statin a...
  8. wOoOzZy

    Villains (READ B4 U VOTE)

    Ok, first off... i know how much work and time goes into making a character so dont use that argument against me. and i would make the character by myself if i had that skill (which im tryin to learn). but i dont know how now so im suggesting this to the skilled people of ESF. Heres my...