1. W

    verry stupid problem

    I want cool nick for Trunks but i can't think of any cool nick :(
  2. F

    I am verry verry sad..

    yesterday i went to this server named "ESF 1.2 server elite players" i am a verry nice guy so i introduce myself "hi all how are u doing" but they were all laughing at my name and they were all calling me a newbie.. it made me verry sad. yesterday night when i went to sleap my face was full...
  3. Wangster

    Please check and Please, cg This verry cool xmen pic

    check what mah friend made, it are some of the xmen characters, check this mightiest picture of xmen ever: *crits and comments please* and a request of proffesional cg'ing of this picture. cool aint it. if you need info, [email protected]* thnx in advance.
  4. I


    i made this picutre in paint... to me it sux but its just to give yall an idea of what one of the main characters would look like in the manga im coming out with... I can do 100xs better than this in photoshop.. to bad i dont have it anymore
  5. VivaLaPineapple

    disco dude

    this will play much better if u put the jackson 5 - give me one more chance copy and paste the link
  6. E

    Underwater Lizard

    I made this underwater lizard + background scene for a challenge at . Took me three days for the lizard and two days for the background. Everything done in maya 4.5. P.S.: I made the model 7 months ago but never posted it here before.
  7. P

    Zereth's Place

    Alright, A webpage I made.. I used: Photoshop/Image Ready/Notepad [Link] (Link don't work yet. Only a test.)
  8. D

    ummm yeah...

    well this isnt the best thing in the world but eh i like it. critz please. :fight:
  9. Twilight

    Twilight Productions Projector

    This is the projector for the flash movie im making for my personal site. The basic layout is near complete, check it out and lemme know what suggestions you have.
  10. CM

    Some quick stuff...

    Before: After:
  11. Wangster

    tut request

    well, i have bryce now, and i wanna know how people make those tubes with a verry cool render onnit, is there a tut to do this? i know that there r stickys with tuts, but none for bryce 5... please help...
  12. DBZFever

    Someone help me wit this drawing

    can someone help me finish this guys legs and hands. If youre going to use him somewhere ask me first, and if its a hentai site your answer is no right now.
  13. VivaLaPineapple

    lain wp

    tell me what u think
  14. RAZIEL


    I was woundering if any one new where i could get a Modle template which i could use in milkshape 3d caus ei can never get the body or facial features right so if any kind people could send or give me a link to a basic model i would verry much appreciate it :)
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