1. sayan master

    new attak for vegita (from the show!!!)

    hi yall listen to this: i remember vegita on the namek saga vs reku (hope i spelled it right) did an attek that was going exactly like Final flash but it wasnt yellow and it was mutch smaller i dont know the name and maybee it was a weak FFS that he just learned but as u know vegita dont...
  2. sayan master

    attakes to add to vegita

    well i saw and remembered some stuff and i taught y esf dont have theas... les start 1)add "FINISHING BUSTER" like attak (like he vs KID BUU) 2)add him an attak that looks like "masanko" i dont remember its name bet he is useing it in one of the movies and acople of more places what u say???
  3. S

    SSJ 4 Vegita

    SSJ4 :confused:
  4. L

    there is a models to vegita or goku or buu...

    if there is how im installing them and what i need to do?
  5. K

    looking for rare vegita mp3 wav....

    long time i didnt play ESF and couple days ago i decided to reinstall it. in my old version when vegeta transform into super sayin he said somting like (quote from episode 114 ): "im the prince of all sayin once again"(someting like this). someone know from where i can redownload it?
  6. K

    Vegita ssj4

    um does anyone know were i can find a vegeta pack that includes dragonballgt vegeta with jacket and ssj4 vegeta
  7. L

    can i have baby vegita

    can i have baby vegeta and ssj baby vegeta if checked everywere stickies and search i alrady did a post but no one ansewerd humpzor did but they didnt work plz thanks can i have vegeta ssj4 also i found it but no files i it send to this e-mail and tell me if u do send them so i...
  8. JM LE FOU

    post you oozaru model here!

    evrybody are busy to make models of buu or vegita what about the oozaru model?? in bfp (dbz quake 3 mod) you can play with the normal oozaru ,ssj oozaru and babe oozaru. so please make a oozaru for the esf !! i search pics of oozaru from the show...
  9. HyperSaiyaman

    King Vegita Model!

    First of all Credits to " D.C. Darkling " for the model; Hello there i made a reskin of king vegeta all it needs is a neckclace and the cape here a pic of the model: if some1 want to do the cape and the neckclace for this model just pm me or my msn is [email protected]
  10. Stanz

    DMZ maps?

    I know most of you here probobly think DragonMod Z SUCKS now you have played this mod, i think the same. But i had played that mod before i found esforces and realised how cool it was. But i did notice that they did have some quite good maps, the one where planet namek was falling apart was a...
  11. ssj999vegeta

    vegita in a jaket

    if u ever played dbz budokai for ps2 youll no wat im talkin bout, ya no wen 2 ppl choose vegeta sum1 will get vegita wearing a black jaket and pants and a red shirt, r there ne skins of that ????? if there is gime a link
  12. D

    simple Vegeta reskin

    hi i reskind the vegeta for practise i dont have a host 4 it. and i dont know if someone want 2 host it ^^ but u can give it comments. i can change coulors etc. so thats not a problem Click here for a picture
  13. Y

    short hair mdl

    sorry nitro Cooler didnt told me
  14. Vladdie

    can someone make me a bebi vegeta pls?

    look at the subject
  15. Logan4434

    Bebi Vegita reskin

    I have a reskin i made if a vegita i dled here just needs to be hosted
  16. R

    Bebi vegita

    okay people heres a an idea for ya u remeber when bebi came to earth before he made vegita all****ed up u should skin a vegita model like him when he is skinny and has on all back or the red top with the blue geans on i think gloves no finger gloves now that would be kool
  17. S

    my fanart

    what do u guys think of my pics
  18. E

    Vegita + Trunks

    Can some one make this model? It a Challege for other modeler with out looking a picture of it body s hahahahah Hint has same clothes as sjj4+5 but differnt color
  19. E


    okay check dis ideA out u guys ever seen the brolli movie? well you should make a desterted city like they ya i know they have a city map but if u could make like the building break and crack and fall apart and **** so when ur meeled into it u dont just bounce of like u would in the other lvls...
  20. M

    Another Majin Vegeta....

    Well I mae this majin vegeta after i skinned the one i did b4... not copying anyone so bleh.