1. Lord Killmore

    Majin Veggie

    well i was bored last night adn started drawing a bit it´s nothing special compared to davids or others stuff since i used a ref pic but i like how it turned out. i scanned th drawing and colored it and added the lightning enjoy C&C?
  2. U

    SSJ4 Veggie Chan --> AIM STALKER! O_O

    SSJ4 Veggie Chan: Hi. Are you there? TE Bologna: -_- SSJ4 Veggie Chan: lol SSJ4 Veggie Chan: ok SSJ4 Veggie Chan: i need to ask u something TE Bologna: ok SSJ4 Veggie Chan: can u do any of the following TE Bologna: ... TE Bologna: are u serious? SSJ4 Veggie Chan: code in C++ for half...
  3. D

    look at this huge spirit bomb!!

    check out this huge spirit bomb:
  4. S

    Fantasy Map

    Ok heres something I worked on a lil last night, not quite sure exactly what it is yet... the mod its running on is called SoS although the map isn't intended for it :-) ermmm check here for the images sorry about...
  5. RuFuS

    what do you think of my sig

    ya mewtoo made this sig and avitar wich im tryin to get to 50 posts for but what do you think of it i think it looks pretty dang nice so tell me what you think;/
  6. E

    Veggie's transformation

    This is what i think vegeta's transformation should be like for beta 2. His first transformation of course :D :D :D