1. Dokutayuu

    Say something nice about the user above you!

    It's time to be nice! Woo! Say something nice about the user above you, genuinely or comically. For example, if Sky were the user above me, I'd thank him for not blowing us all up the last time he updated the forums!
  2. E

    That's it i am VERFIYED USER!

    Congratz me :D..
  3. Damaera

    Rate the Custom User Title above you

  4. final shine

    How wold you use the user above you?

    yea, never been done before i think so go for it ;)
  5. sub

    Rate the user above you on... [forum game]

    whatever you want. Do it.
  6. Damaera

    Rate the User Title Above You

  7. L

    User rating system.

    Similar to the "Did you find this post help useful?" rating system I see around some boards, we could have a user rating system. Like, once a month you get X amount of points. You can recommend or vote for a user by clicking a "+" or "-" sign by the user using your point, where a number...
  8. Arsenovicius

    Rate the user above you.

    Okay. Its simple , rate the user above you. ;D *NOTE* i'm not sure if there has been this kind of thread here. i wish not ;D
  9. ZeroNightmare

    Rate that user title!

    yeah there used to be one of these but i guess it dissapeared into the abyss. RATE THAT USER TITLE 1-10 THE THING UNDER YOUR USER NAME i was listening to some Soul Position and I found a neat little rhyme.
  10. FF|Thundgot

    Rate the user above you

    Well, Im not sure if its been made before but here we go: Rate the one writing above you in a 1-10 scale. Lets get going :D
  11. TimTheEnchantor

    The best USER MADE computer?

    4 Quad Itanuim 1.5ghz with 6mb cache ($3,692 ea.) $14,768.00 2 re-engineered Kryotech Renegades, 2 copper heatsinks (approx.) $2,000.00 SuperMicro S2QR6 motherboard $2,600.00 16 1GB PC133 ECC SDRAM DIMMs from Crucial ($1,800 ea.) $28,800.00 Amtrade 3200 Twin Server Chassis with PC Power and...
  12. imported_EVIL_GOKU

    Rate the User above ya

    Well I saw some Thread's like:rate the avatar above ya...rate the sig above you....rate the avatar and sig above I was thinking why not "Rate" the User above all u need 2 do is just say wath do you think of the user above ya...your opinnion about him.....and if u want u...
  13. A

    Rate the Custom User Title above you Revived :P

    Same thing apply for the last thread I made wich is in a graveyard buried :P
  14. A

    Rate the Custom User Title above you.

    For example, this is my title. Ryoko + Orion = Ryoion It's under your name and **** so anyway's All you do is rate the title above you.
  15. suppertime

    User Maps

    I need some help with user maps, I ad them to the folder, and they don't appear on the map list, ktn_arena is there for some reason, but I can't play nc_mario or the bridge level I downloaded, So does anybopdy know why it might be happening?
  16. J

    Invalied User IDTicken

    The error is something like that, but I get it when trying to join my own dedicated server. I've tried relogging, restarting, reinstalling, logging out, everything I can think of.. Any help will be appreciated.
  17. X

    Unsteamable User?~~!!

    i was reading the WON is doing down threat and how everyone was flameing WON what i dont understand is why i mean WON rocks the IDEA of Steam is Awesome but lets face it Steam in general sucks its down frequently but thats not what im really here to talk about Alot of people have problems...
  18. S

    "God" user - terminal session log

    I saw this in another forum, it was funneh! ___________________ In the beginning there was the computer. And God said %Let there be light! #Enter user id. %God #Enter password. %Omniscient #Password incorrect. Try again. %Omnipotent #Password incorrect...
  19. GalduR

    New user, new sig.

    I think I just posted once in this forums, I don't remember even what it was for... Anyways, my girlfriend (Sakuma) began some days ago to post signatures here, and I thought: "let's do it as well!". Didn't have the time to, though. Finally, I dont have to work today and i started building up...
  20. B

    User CP On The Fourms Question

    :S I click the USer CP button, and i see these comments, and latest reputations remarks and stuff and some of the comments are pretty bad so does anyone know how i can give anyone else a comment or to find out who gave me the comment what so ever? :fight: