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Mar 31, 2004
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Similar to the "Did you find this post help useful?" rating system I see around some boards, we could have a user rating system.

Like, once a month you get X amount of points.
You can recommend or vote for a user by clicking a "+" or "-" sign by the user using your point,
where a number would be included somewhere by their name with the total amount of points they have.
On their user profile it could also show the total amount of points they've had added and removed (VIA Warnings) in their account lifespan.

Also these points would decay after a certain amount of time they were issued to them.
Like, at the end of the month, all of the points for that user is wiped, except if they have X(10 For example) amount of user points/recommendations, they automatically have 1 for the next month.
And warned people have their points removed and stuck with a static 0.
User points can also go into the negative, though it still uses up a point.
The points spent could be refunded if the user chooses to do so, though only once until the reset occurs.
It could also effect posts instead of users, where enough negative feedback would have the post/thread locked and or deleted.

I'm also bored, just thought I'd put that out there.
Not sure what the points would lead up to, perhaps just show which users are good ect.
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Nov 21, 2003
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Sounds like the old reputation system that was on this forum when i joined ^^

That thing was interesting. And my rep was bad. I told someone he can get out of the way of an incomming beam attack by hiting the fly button whilst charging an attack where you cant move.

The response was "I dont see how falling flat on your ass helps" XD

Oh well that gor disabled cause they say it was abused.

Anyhow i like the idea of having the old rep system back online.

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