1. ace005


    Please, if anybody knows a thing or two about Milkshape 3d, i need some advices, please contact me on Yahoo b_real0001 or MSN [email protected] PLS thanks
  2. N


    When i load a game the console says that there are missing files can somebody send me them? Missing bitmap font: gfx\vgui\fonts\640_Scouterstats Text.tga Missing bitmap font: gfx\vgui\fonts\640_Melee Text.tga
  3. G


    ive installed half life and esf and am only interested in playing bots and wen i go into create game in lan and press ok it omes up with a message saying invalid DLL version! wat the heck does that mean i had this game working without steam a while ago bur now it jus wont work at all.
  4. G

    Need URGENT help .. plz

    Hi, I just installed ESF and it looks fine.. But when i create or join a game i cant move my character or even move the mouse! It appears on the center of the screen "Please remove coloured models to play on this server" What do i do? plz help! Thx in advance
  5. Suh Dude

    Uh oh... [URGENT! OMG]

    This isn't a joke or anything, but I swallowed a whole piece of Jolly Rancher, wrapped in my mouth and it's already in my stomach! What should I do!??!?!
  6. S

    NEED URGENT HELP, i installed the game but major problems

    whenever i try to enter ANY server, this messege comes up "your .dll [cl_dlls\client.dll] differs from the servers" plz tell me how i fix this, i will forever be gratful. i really wanna play this game cause ive loved dbz for 8 years and ive played CS for 4 and i didnt know about this mod till now.
  7. S

    Need urgent help

    Don't know how it happened but now when I install ESF (1.2.3 or other version), i go to LAN and make a new game, it creates a server and suddenly it stops when "preaching reasources..." and then a windows send/don't send error appears. What should I do? I have Half 1 installed, i"ve played it...
  8. D


    Every time i try to join a game. It says Cannot Continue without Script events/melee sounds.sc/disconeccting what do i do
  9. D

    Urgent Help With ESF + Valve Hammer Editor.

    ok I have a huge problem, ive spent 4 hrs making this map using valve hammer editor, but when i join a game the character appears to be floating above everything... when i walk right up against a wall the character is doing the normal walking stance but is way above the actual ground...
  10. L


    ok heres the deal i think everyone here not being able to play ESF would be a life and death situation well at least u all have played it b4 I HAVENT....... now plz answer my questions 1.where do i install/extract the files once i downloaded the game 2.what do i do next 3.where do the bots...
  11. Scorcher2k

    URGENT: Virus warning

    Everyone should take up and get this fix. Unless you have a hardware firewall (Specific router as firewall aka top of line) your at risk and probably have it. It hit last night at 6 and by 9 30% of the computers in the world had it. It will cause your comptuer to start a timed sequence to...
  12. solidus

    Urgent! Coder Needed! (please read)

    I dont really know where to put this, and if ive done wrong then i apologise. Im here to try to find a coder for a mod that despirately needs one. The mod is a Sonic the Hedgehog mod called Chaos Control, and is just about finished exept for the code, after the person suposidly writting it ended...
  13. T

    I need urgent help, please help me!!!!

    (I downloaded, installed, and used the beta 1) Now, i finally have HL and ESF, listen what happens: if i want to create a game, he sais there is a client.dll error. And if i want to add server: i insert a correct ip-number, and in the list there is: game: the number(ip) type: half life...
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