1. A

    Ultra Sayian

    Do you think the birth of Ultra Sayains will come? After SSJ 5 there can't be more SSJ levels, cause one will lose count of all the levels and hair styles. Ultra sayains should have Silver hair color and have glittering auras. Just a thought.
  2. DaKD

    USSJ Vegeta (for those who wanted a bearable one)

    I took the time and made a bearable ussj vegeta. and this is not just a plain edit i edited the skin and scaled the props very carefully. dont tell me that it sux or not cuz i wont fix it. do it ur self if u think it needs fixin just give me and the original creator credit. Ill post some...
  3. HyperSaiyaman

    Ultra super saiyans

    This is like Ultra Super Saiyans looks like try to make them you want regret it: Ultra Vegeta Ultra Trunks
  4. HyperSaiyaman

    Ultra Vegeta

    There are a lot of models but why dont you make a good model with vegeta, remeber the cell saga when trunks goes ultra super saiyan were his muscles goes bigger , well that would be a good model, and please post your home pages i love to download models for my esf, another model you can make...
  5. E

    idea for ultra saiyans

    starters im not sure its ultra i know it may be but fo the sake of argument im gonna call it ultra this may sound stupid but what if ultra saiyan was a like saiyan move that you can select once you reach a certain power or like a new button to press to activate it and when its pressed or...
  6. owa

    Messing Around | Sig |

    Well not best, and yet not my worst. I was just messing around and this pop out. Tell me what you think.
  7. Vladdie

    does someone like to make me a ultimate saiyan trunks

    this is a pic for help if someone would make it http://www.geocities.com/dmxdaman01/Ultra2.jpg i think this is a ultimate saiyan trunks
  8. W

    My opinion on Ultra SSJ and Kaio Ken Technique

    Personally I really don't think the Ultra SSJ transformation should be added, it's not nearly as powerful as SSJ 2 and it's even slower than normal fighting level. Then again, if the Ultra SSJ form added some hidden benefit that I'm not aware of then by all means, throw it in, but seriously...
  9. owa

    WallPaper (Xenogears)

    Well this is my first wallpaper. I do relieze this is notthing compared to what most of oyu can but then again this is my first. Anyways post what ya think. Just don't spam or say its the worst tihng oyu ever seen. Cause I laready know it sucks just tell me hwta I should do to...
  10. E

    small taste of namek map and i mean small heh!

    my avatar will now be the small way of showing my progress on my current map project.. here is namek to the left.
  11. B

    Spin Manager m8 :*(

    MAN I IDLE YOU SO MUCH. i love art...so much i always draw.....im always using adobe and flash and i have a few questions to ask m8 if ya dont mind a) How old Are you, it mite not be too l8 for me to catch up :p b) What did u make your website in? c) What programs do u make sigs in? d)...