1. H

    typical american winter is gone :(

    back to the day in 60's everyone kid had play the snow everyday in the winter, but now it is hardly see any snow now. I havent see the "real "snow in last year(2007) because the temperature is so high all snow torn into rain or sprinkle.(like 50 or something, some time goes to even 70 in...
  2. imkongkong

    bleach.. predictable?? typical? [Possible spoilers]

    after watchin bleach up to episode 53, the action is building up and is growing more awesome =) then i started thinking... omg renji was suppose to die, but he was healed.. the others were suppose to die, but they didnt.. ishida was suppose to be a goner after releasing his glove... and how...
  3. S

    typical esf game...

    well i got bored after playin esf, so i did a quick manga page, the drawins arent so great, cuz i had to draw em real small, but yeah, tis quick and it turned out ok, so here u go: heh, enjoy
  4. S

    Who you gonna call ?

    Hi guys here is a map I have been working on lately :-), just trying to get the hang of some urban mapping. The level is heavy WIP still but you can start to get the feel of it :-). All C&C are welcome thanks for your interested :-)
  5. grOOvy

    A Typical Day Of ESF

    A TYPICAL DAY OF ESF Ok I am seriously bored right now, waiting for a download to finish, so what the heck - I've made an ESF story, something that happens in a server (didn't actually happen). Now remember- THIS DOES NOT REFLECT THE ACTUAL PERSON's CHARACTERISTICS! This is all made up...
  6. Ryoko

    Latest wallpaper (Ranma 1/2)

    Well here it is. I'll be putting a Ryoko wallpaper onto this thread when I create it 2morrow. It'll be in a similar style to this. Comments!!