1. PiXel

    Happy Birfday Tryforce <3

    <3 yey! <3<3<3
  2. PiXel

    Happy Birthday to Tryforce! Have a good one!

    :p Have a good one buddy. :laff:
  3. PiXel

    TryForce's Anime Bewbs Club

    Bewbies Against Butt!
  4. PiXel

    Sig Request by the Almighty TryForce ;Q

    yeh, i dont like my own sigs anymore, so i want someone else do it for me. whoever will do it gets 3 <3 by me ;Q so get up and work! all i want is this stock in my sig, any size, any color, any style:
  5. B

    Happy Bday Tryforce =P

  6. PiXel

    TwinBlast - TryForce

    I watched the CG talk forums and i was again amazed about the work there and.. im just owned and so i felt inspirate to make something again :D well i wanted to do a cg with fire/ice and with an angel there. but then i had another view to it x_x loool you know me :P aint you? anyway i would...
  7. PiXel

    OMG! TryForce Done some unksinned models!

    O_o take care! because this time i gonna .... show you.... some... MODEL AGAIN xD damned ... since i get a C&D letter from Square enix i needed to close my Kingdom hearts mod. Now im going to redo all those characters but still do a same system of them... here is what i got/edited now...
  8. M

    Happy birthday tryforce!

    have a good one,tryforce :smile:
  9. PiXel

    Alendra the Artwork of TryForce

    Oright! Since i saw ur work... of all! I tried to get my good drawing that i getted somethin like that! (click on the pic to see it bigger,itll load LONG!) It will still a wip! because i work on with a other Chara.! Riku... I allready modeled him but need to give him a reall...
  10. S

    tryforce kamecharge(released for who didnt know)

    hhhhheyyyy......... :shocked: excuse me about it but i just realise that i didn't make a thread a bout the tryforce's kamecharge sprite( :cry: sorry german boy :cry: please don't strike me :cry: you can dl it on esfw kamecharge