1. Robby

    Why you don't trust drunks. -.- It hurts to read this.
  2. Andreyesf

    Circle of trust! (All Forum Members Please Read)

    Well first off all you remember me guys....the cheater :( who was blind in taking the force pit acces to have 1.3 earlier and give them to my friends who voted me...such thing is BAD for the esf 1.3 team who is working in the very best mod I ever seen :(...I like to apologize to the esf 1.3 team...
  3. OubliezJe


    After the effects of tonight, i came home and wrote this, not knowing anywhere else to pure my thoughts into. Although this may suck, im not worried, as long as i got it out. If you get my point, Do you ever feel this way? Trust By David Perault Everyone turns there back on you You...
  4. S

    any help with a trust tablet?

    well i got my tablet, and it worked fine at first, but now, instead of where my cursor is on the screen being in the same place i point to on the tablet, my stylus acts like a mouse........ any help?
  5. J


    yay im unbanned and now i can post da bender :D for whoever did not see on sos, just a quickie model i did when i was bored. 850 polies w/o accessories :D crits, comments?
  6. Death The Jedi


  7. A

    MY Goku before cell games..

    CREDITS: ESF Team, Irregular Hunter, SMO Thanks to Pr0 for the render :) *caugh* my idea was copied *caugh*:rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  8. B

    ok i completed my vegeta smd now...

    i try to save the smd (replece it with the orignl) but it says to me this"found vertex with invaild bone assignment! model not exported!" what do i need to do? please help me:S
  9. B

    i'm looking for animator for a pokmon mod

    i know the most of you people dobnt like pokemon so if you dont like it dont read this post. The best pokemon mod named "pokemod" is looking for an animator, you dont have to be good but you have to be able to make some basic movements like idle animations and some attacks. The mod is...
  10. Mystacx

    Please some models!!

    People I would all like you to post links here to every SSJ2 models there is!! the reason why i am not using the final request thread is that nobody is responding!! so please help me and every other human with this problem out!! ´cause i am desparate!! EDIT: come people help me out here I...
  11. D

    Where can i get milkshape?

    Does anyone know where i can get milkshape or like a demo of it? thanx.
  12. C

    MS3D or 3DSMAX?

    I have both, but which one is easier to start on? I have never made models before and i want to start but i dont know which one i should use. I have 3d Studio Max 4. Thanks
  13. V

    could someone please tell me how to make the eyes in milkshape???

    can anyone tell me how to make the eyes on milkshape ive got the head completed except for the nose, ears, eyes, and eyebrows i could appreciate some help cause i just started yesterday:D :cool: :devsmile: :devgrin: :smile: :(
  14. fatmanterror

    ohhhh why not

    ohhhh why not(models for dl) well, since im done modeling, and these models will just go to waste, here u all go, note i didnt finish the ssj4 gogeta like i thought i would but trust me its fine ingame. enjoy Model Page
  15. P

    goku ssj

    allright heres two screens. I dont have the back done yet cuz i just cant GET THE DAMN HAIR DONE. well just help me out here if clicking doestn work try copying and pasting
  16. D

    hi there need a tester for your maps

    hi i vant to be a tester of your maps so plz upload them in this treat then i send you a private message if it is good plz. send a lot of maps:paper: :angel:
  17. MONXver2.0

    ESF lava pit

    I'm no mapper , but I think this souldn't be here. o_o Just in case you missed it. :)
  18. 4xMega-Saiyajin

    Photoshop special TEXT!!!!!

    I was just wondering how the hell the guys using photoshop , making those specially text tipes , like SPIN , look at the Banner on the banner is made with photoshop i think , but what about the text? I can only write with text tipes like "Times new Roman" or soething ...
  19. S

    majin vegeta skin

    this is my first skin its not much i toke the majin vegeta from the script and playede a littel around with it not much but its a start
  20. Akhkaru

    LightWave 3D Modeling help

    I searched all over, but I cannot find a tutorial that tells how to make character models for half life or stuff, Gmax is confusing, but I wanna use Lightwave 3D, andyone know where I could find some tutorials?
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