1. F

    What's a good Paladin Talent Tree look like.

    So I'm just wondering, I've been messing around on WoW's talent tree system on their website, and I was wondering what you hardcore wow players think of this. Feel free to change it, and tell me why you changed it...
  2. Theoboy

    Tree model in 3dSMax

    Is there anyone there knows an easy tutorial to model some trees in 3DSMax?
  3. KidMan

    HBTC and Tree of Might...

    Ok, these have been suggested a long time ago but I wanted to revive the idea and change/make better on it. Hyperbolic Time Chamber: Ok. Your characters should naturally get 1 ki a second for being in the chamber. If you do the math right, then it doesn't become cheap. 1x60 seconds = 60...
  4. ~*Logan*~

    The Tenchi Muyo Family Tree (interesting find)

    Those of you who have watched Tenchi the OVA series or read any of the novels might find an interest in this. It does have some spoilers though, so beware. Though it does a good job of explaining who's who and their relationship to the rest of the people in the Tenchi universe. Yes, even my...
  5. T

    Fall Out Boy- From Under The Cork Tree

    does anybody hav the new fall out boy cd
  6. S

    Black blotches outside tree textures

    How come there are black colour texture around my tree's leaves' texture, wad is the prob???
  7. Growler

    Tree Model

    Tree model. First try at some sort of a skin/texture. C+C anyone who wants to clue me in on alpha mapping, please do.
  8. Growler

    Tree, little more to go :/

    Here is a major update of the TREE check it out, c+c please (compared to my last one...
  9. Growler


    Hmm, I was bored in class today... so I drew this up. Im debating putting some leaves on it. tell me what you think :)
  10. Growler

    New Tree (WIP)

    New tree... Ima make this the best I can. Still WIP-- This is for hl2 engine...
  11. .Maze

    Happy Tree Friend

    Hehe. Happy Tree Friends Stuff ^-^
  12. KidMan

    Redo Tree of Might

    Curious if you guys are going to redo the Tree of Might level... It was way crappy when i played on it. The tree didn't really look to much like a tree.... I figure you guys could make it so you could even battle on the tree. That would be pretty awesome.
  13. Grega

    Tree bug

    Sometimes when you swoop into a tree you get stuck in it. You cant tepeport or swoop out, you just stay there. It happend twice to me but boath times in cell_games duno if its the map but i posted it here.
  14. G

    christmas tree thread- the first christmas thread this year! :)

  15. W

    Big tree attacks

    Help! The frieza disc has turned into a big tree!? How do i fix this?
  16. Alteh

    Lonely Tree

    Alright here is something I started because I was bored and felt like doing something like this.
  17. D

    Non-Linear Transformations Tree

    I've noticed a number of remarks on these forums about 100% Frieza, USSJ, 4-arm Tien, etc. plus, I remember people complaining at one time that it takes too long to get enough PL to trans with some characters. Now we know these aren't true transformations (I heard Tien's 4-arm thing is a...
  18. Goten-son

    Tree's love me...

    Dunno if this has been found yet or not, but sometimes when i play if i swoop into a tree or get thrown into them the right way i just get stuck to them and cant get out until i either teleport or die...
  19. jp


    I have a problem with the trees, in the trailers they look verry good, but with me, they look stange, blocky and i can't see trough the leaves the area around the leaves are black
  20. G

    Tree Textures

    how come there is black on my tree leaves in stead of being transparent im running in open gl WillZ