1. john_volkov

    Trasformation / ascending ??? at what pl?

    I hope that this game will not bee egal agail like Frieza final form cand beat easly GOKU SSJ3 and Cell to get beteam by Kurilin because in DBZ this neverd hapend yeah Kurilin to be poerfull but not that powerfull and Frieza has to be the fierst guy to get to the final form and as powerfull as a...
  2. imported_EVIL_GOKU

    ESF 1.3 trasformation suggestions

    Well I saw Groovy's thread about the transformations and I am gonna put some changes..hope u like em + Goku: (SSJ 1/2/3) + Gohan: (SSJ 1/2) + Frieza: (Form 1/2/3/4) + Buu: (EVil Skinny, Super Buu, Kid buu) -ok so when u are with Buu and u become Evil Buu I was thinking that u could...
  3. S

    How i do the perfect trasformation??

    i want to know how i make the transformation,answer me plz!
  4. K

    I made really amazing Goku trasformation sound but i dont know why in the game the sound sound low
  5. K

    I made really amazing Goku trasformation sound (but i have 1 problem)

    link- i change it's name to "Trans" and replaced the orginal Goku "Trans" and after i did it and try to see in the game if its work, its didnt work there was...
  6. M

    About gohan

    If u are gohan and u have a full cf u can go ssj but if u are ssj or cf is lower and if u fight u can get it back up is this to go ssj2 or what?? i'm a little confused
  7. TehMuffinMan

    need help with Aura models

    well, i am buisy playing with the auras and makin them look kool but i cannot find the trasformation auras, does anyone know where it is??:S