1. B

    Instant Transmission Kamehameha?

    What about a Instant Transmission Kamehameha attack for goku? It's never been done before :D
  2. V

    instant transmission

    so i was wondering about a little melee tweak with the system here. it isnt really a balancing thing but just a change which would make the game feel more like the fighting in the show itself. usually when someone comes to melee you and you BLOCK it you can melee them afterward if they are...
  3. Son Goku

    Instant Transmission?

    hey is there going to be Instant Transmission for goku? that would be cool to let goku teleport fat away for a high amount of KI.
  4. True-Warrior15

    Instant Transmission

    Well for quite some time people are giving themselves an advantage in there servers by making there pl really high (ex.20million to my 750,000) and they like to kill people with ease with yellow attacks and kame torpedos and scatter beams and especially spirit bomb and special beam cannon etc...
  5. E

    instant transmission

    ok heres the idea for goku(ssj1) and maybe for balance later transformations of other characters... instant transmission is much more specific in the show so heres the idea. either as a sepreate butten or a selectable ability, hold down the butten and your character will dissapear untell you...
  6. I

    Instant Transmission

    Hi there. I know you guys are going to criticize so go ahead. I think that like you can teleport as well as Instant Transmission. Like a sprit bomb was comming your way and you dont have enough space to block it. The solution is that you can Instant Transmission into a map besides your own and...
  7. jp

    Instant transmission

    Do you guys know the game Kain's legacy, blood omen 2? Well for the guys that do, remeber the super jump? With the arrows you coud place a mark on the ground and move it, then if you pressed the mouse button, you could jump to the marker. What if you could do this in esf, instant...
  8. imkongkong

    Instant transmission, submission, disc immunity, special attributes

    Random suggestions, thought would add more flavor to the game. Post thoughts. Goku Instant Transmission I think in order to make ESF more close to the series, instant transmission should be in for Goku. In order to keep instant transmission (IT) from being spammed, it would take up about...
  9. |Overlord|

    instant transmission idea

    i thi9nk it wouldf be cool to have instant movement in esf (otherwise known as instant transmission). it could have once per life use or something , and there should be a thing that u go at super fast speed and get to the other part of the map in the game (for people who have seen cooler's...
  10. S

    Instant Transmission

    Ok this is the idea Beta 1.2 Goku's Instant Transmission. 1. When you execute this move. It turns your screen blue in a transparent way. Then you are able to look at someone who is in game and lock on to them and teleport to them Instantly. Drawbacks: When you get there u are .9...
  11. W

    Instant Transmission

    hey all, i just came up with an idea for esf. maby its cool to make a instanttransmission for goku and maby you can even make it with a kamehameha just let me hear your opinion
  12. Alex_b77

    Instant transmission

    I looked this topic up and it has been mentioned, but this is a better idea of how it could be used. Some people suggested that goku would be able to look around like in spectator mode and then teleport to that spot. THIS WOULD BE SPAMMED THOUGH!!! if vegeta was about to shoot final flash at...
  13. SSj Goten

    Instant Transmission Plugin!!!

    THIS IS A MUST NEED!!! its a server plugin that lets u teleport and save a spot......IF U WANT PLEASE IM xXTHE SUMMONERXx on AIM!!! well C ya in a transmission! :tired: (WOW TIRED OF LEARNING TO MAKE THAT PLUGIN!)
  14. C

    Instant transmission

    Goku should have the ability to make INSTANT MOVEMENT... It should work like this... When you melee target, you just press a key and wolla, you are standing next to the targeted guy... hmmmm, it shuld take hell lot of KI though...
  15. A

    Instant Transmission for Goku

    Hey guys. Out of curiousity I was wondering if it would be possible to give Goku Instant Transmission. Seeing as it would only be best to use it in melee I think it would be a good addon for primary fire instead of all that flying around. Plus you also have someone targeted so that you have a...
  16. M

    instant transmission & aerial slamming

    perhaps goku only could have a special move, where you just point the crosshair somewhere in your field of vision and click and it automatically teleports you there, not like the short range teleport. And it takes up energy and time to charge and all that. random idea: Also, could there...