1. FalconFury

    Superman vs Silver surfer topic

    Superman has the ability of reproducing his energy from the red star sun. Silver surfer has unlimited ability to take powers, healing, lifting heavy objects, teleports from a long distance and stopping a powerful disaster like he did in the "Rise of the silver surfer" the movie. Silver is 100%...
  2. Mkilbride

    So no topic on it yet...DayZ, the realistic survival horror mod, in Alpha. You need ArmAII & Operation Arrowhead. Watch Arnold, the Terminator, play DayZ: And this is a good video for getting used to the game... ------------------ This is not a mod for people who want...
  3. V

    ESF 1.3 final version when ?

    Hello I have 2 questions 1. This mod will be the HL1 or HL2 2. Very my a like binding the mod graphics, etc. I am in shock you are geniuses, one knows when this game comes out Final 100% so years approximately ? If there was such a topic in advance apologize.
  4. sub

    Hey guys. Remember that topic when I delcared that there was a God? Yeah, I was wrong They're going to recast Futurama. Those mother****ers. Context for the title:
  5. Deathshot

    ESF Addons Topic v1.0

    (Released)Evolution Class Extensions ECX is an addon made for ESF 1.2.3 that is now dead. The addon has made it so you can create your own character easily with tutorials and such. Though it requires you to make the models, sounds, sprites, and such, it teaches you the simple methods of coding...
  6. Mr.Lukyas

    Simple religious topic.

    The question is simple: Do you believe in everything written in the Bible.
  7. The Deco

    Off topic post count suggestion

    I suggest putting in 2 post counts: 1st is the non off topic post count and 2nd is the off topic post count then we will see how much posts we did overall but can still be able to ignore the off topic ones. I just wanna see how much posts I got xD
  8. Delusional

    Racism! (A hot topic)

    Ok, I'm 16 here, and I'm quite sick of getting called a racist (I'm white FYI). Now here's my outlook on things: The word "******" can be used to define both a black, or white person. The word "Cracker" is the "Black Person's" way of calling a white person a "******". Most people see the...
  9. -Origin

    I'll post this in my art topic once it gets some replies.

    Latest drawing. Feeling pretty proud about it to be honest. ^_^ Stuff in white below this sentence. :O also the very, VERY first coloring I've done.
  10. Mr.Lukyas

    Very serious topic

    Ya, kitties.
  11. Phobius

    In response to mf29's ps2 topic.

    Well seeing as modifying your ps2 is no way illegal all it does is voids your warranty and if your warranty has expired then theres no big deal to it. Also if home brew talk can be talked about so can swap magic and hd loader since its pretty much in the same category am I right? Also if 3...
  12. Kurt`

    Another Starcraft topic o/ O_O /me dies of permanent erection
  13. ~*Logan*~

    the YTMND topic revived

    You know what to do. Go on, find something funny or interesting (nothing x-rated and no screamers) and post your findings here. Try to go for things that aren't already well-known fads. Like this one I found that made me chuckle: *Please link to non-offensive YTMNDs* - Opti
  14. Linda

    Linda's new topic

    restart! i decided... that i wanted to make a new art topic and abandon my old one. click on links to see the bigger version *note... previews dont really reflect the same colors as the finals... final versions are tweeked and whatnot... too lazy to change the preview pix. i felt...
  15. donnierisk

    DBZ trivia topic

    Hello, i'm starting a DragonBall Z trivia topic. This is a thread where someone asks a question about DBZ( a hard one) and other people try and get a answer, so it's like a game. If someone gets the question right he gets to ask a question and then it goes on like that..... Here's my...
  16. -Origin

    Chaos' art topic

    I'm gonna post everything I make in here from now on, I'm going to try to get back into making art again, starting with sigs and hopefully moving back up to larger projects. If you want to see some of my previous work either go to or my deviantart...
  17. VeGeTTo

    of topic

    i've breaked my head to tha table thousands of times... (why?) how do i put a pictre on my messjagE?
  18. G

    hl2 rp topic

    well its an idea we could role play on this topic Rules: 1. Keep it PG-13 2. There can be a few combine left but their minds are FREE 3. Follow forum rules 4. Pm me the below profile to join 5. This is in europe 6. this is after the citadel has been distroyed 7. Renember the ooc...
  19. OubliezJe

    Serious Topic: Love.

    How many of you are in love and enjoy the great feeling of having her/him around?
  20. Mister Satan

    Yarrrr!, I feel Pretty. ( Sid Meier's Pirates! Topic )

    Just wondering if anyone had the game. And if so what your Ships/Wife/Sexy first mate/Fleet/Dancing Skills/Score are like. __ __| |__ / \ Yar!, I be bob, thar badly done Pirate, Yar...