1. Mkilbride

    Battlefield 3 is offiically ruined now; mod tools released.

    Wasn't a sparkling gem before this, but now it's a turd for sure. When I first saw the news article, I nearly fell over from excitement, thinking DICE had officially released tools. Not so...sadly.
  2. IFlip92

    CryEngine 3 free SDK Tools

    It has just been brought to my attention that CryEngine 3 SDK has been released for free to the public to create anything they want with it. As we all know CryE3 is responsible for the most advanced and computer graphics card killer game, Crisis and Crisis 2. Do people think that ESF will have a...
  3. KarrdeKNR

    Natural Selection 2 - Alpha Version of Spark Engine Tools Released

    So Unknown Worlds released the alpha version of their tools, which currently only contains the map editor. Although there's only a few parts done and even fewer entities, props, etc, it's looking pretty good. Much easier than hammer ever was. I spent the last few hours playing around and...
  4. Painkiller

    HALF-LIFE 2 tools

    hi guys i thought of editing a few things and i wonder if you guys could tell me the tools i need to edit sprites, maps etc and tell me from where to download them if it's possible thanks in advance :]
  5. A

    Professional software and tools for traders

    ========================================= Greetings, I wish to share with you the collection of links concerning Internet trading, the finances, loans and work in the forex market. Link removed Link removed Link removed Link removed Link removed Link removed Link removed Link...
  6. TRSS

    tools for skinning

    hey me again..... hey im still a newb to modling ok but any way can some one give a list of all the tools i need for creating skins and whatnot?
  7. |Overlord|

    Sound Tools?

    does anyone know where i can find a utility to get sound from dvds/differ audio formats , i wanna make some trans/attack sounds
  8. Goh@N


  9. A


    sometimes i open a dedicated server ... now i want to integrate some tools ... how can i do that ? please help me !
  10. D

    ESF TOOLS problems!!!!!!!

    i'm having som problem with ESF Tools!!! when i try to make a new game or a lan connection with esf tools, it shows me this message:' hl.exe error. The instruction on "0x01d2c0b9" made a reference to a memory in "0x000000b4". This memory could not be read.' what confuses me is that i can...
  11. Blademaster

    Help me plz i beg of you

    can somone plzz o plz teach me how to edit a model i would be so happy very if you could that would be so great for me :]
  12. VivaLaPineapple

    Trend whore tutorials

    ok im back again with another one for ya. have u ever wondered how people get such a cool effect in indy art? ill explain exactly how to do such awsome pieces(sarcasm) ok the tools we are ganna need are some sort of 3d program and of course photoshop. 1. open up 3dsmax/bryce/whatever...
  13. M

    more questions lol

    alright, i fixed my tournament map, but esf is crashing when its loading. I only get one compile error thats saying tournament.pts not found. also what does pts stand for and what is it? =/\/\C
  14. Yazuken

    How do you make Ouside maps/Landscapes

    Hi, i just found out that you cant make huge rooms in valve hammer editor or your map will get an error. But if you cant make huge rooms, then how do you make outside landscapes? Wouldnt you need the ceiling of the rooms to be the sky? im really confused. please help me out.
  15. Wangster


    well, i have found a tutorial wich learns me to map, its pretty simple so far, but i already have a prob, they say that i must put in the hlcsg.exe in the box where they ask csg executeble, well, when i couldnt find the thing, i made a search, and the results say the file isnt on my computer, so...
  16. Ranma

    Custom Textures! Please Help!

    I've been making a map and adding my own textures to it, I've read many MANY tutorials on making it the correct size in Wally and then making it a wad. But i still have one huge problem i can't find how to fix in any tutorials. After i put my texture in worldcraft, apply it to the certain...
  17. H

    Mappers Unite!

    Hey, I figure I could start a new thread here and just talk about anything and everything. Share maps, etc. My first question is: How do I export my map into a TRUE .bsp file? When I compile it in Valve Hammer Map Editor it makes a .bsp file, but the file is only 14kb small!! It should be...
  18. A

    I just got 3ds Max 5.1 and I need help

    Alright, how do I open the .mdl model files with this? I have tried Milk whatever and Gmax but nothing will open the .mdl files.
  19. M


    ive been having a problem with my valve hammer, it wont run my maps. i think the problem is that the compiler doesnt create a bsp file for some reason (im using zoners compiler tools) and i have it setup like it says on that one site.... error report (compiler report) also heres a link to...
  20. 1_heart_boobies

    photoshop problems...

    after installing photoshop, and starting it up for the first time a popup window came up and said: "you currently have adobe photoshop's primary scratch and window's primary paging file on the same volume, which can result in reduced performance. It is recommended that you set adobe...