1. God Gundam

    for all who ive sent goten too..

    remember its a beta version of goten, hes suppose to get a new skin and a few edits when i have the time, so be happy with it till i get the updated version done, thanks GG
  2. P

    how do you put a sig on?

    the title speaks for itself. How do you put a sig on this thing
  3. M

    can any1 make me a grown up gohan

  4. S

    gohan skin

    whats with his hair? only three oddly placed spikes? if its the younger gohan (like when he fights cell) he has more hair than that, and he shouldnt be so tall, and if its the older one (high school) then his haird isnt even shaped like that
  5. C

    How much longer till the Beta?LET ME WAIT NO LONGER!

    How much longer to the beta,im seriously going insane...me and like,1000's of other people
  6. A

    The Models are very awful!!!!

    Can someone make other skins? Ok,the models of Son-Goku and Vegeta are good but when i see trunks,i think this are a old man But the effects and maps are really good
  7. DJ-Ready

    Once again, a new map is out! hehe

    k, i have made a new map today.Its a map located on the tower where this little white cat-master guy lives....in german its called Quittenturm. The map is called esf_s2k_djready_quittenturm_alpha, cuz i dont know the english name for Quittenturm... Here r some shots: 0 1 2 3 4 5...
  8. R

    vegeta..almost done

    vegeta almsot done properations are bad(but it is old lone so..)
  9. C

    For everyone asking me question

    Please stop ive quit the ESF team about two weeks ago and i dont check around here to often so please use other mappers as a refernce and for help untill i get back to the CP gamming mood again.
  10. K

    Seeing Host

    Just checking if this host works and I'll be back after Mid-Terms
  11. P

    Pete needs a sig

    If anybody has some time i would appreciate a sig Either non ssj vegita(first fight versus goku) or hercule. with my name on there and my clan name ( Its All About Pete) IAAP, and i guess my icq number also 14065240 thanks in advance