1. sub

    Mother ****ing **** ****ing *******s **** **** **** [Spore delayed 'till 09]

    According to GI (horrible mag btw), Spore has been "Delayed indefinitely". When EA was reached for comment on if the article was accurate, EA stated that the game is now slated for release in '09 rather than '08 [It was delayed to '08 about a month or two ago, now it's been delayed again...
  2. Taurus 2112

    WHAT! NO NHL 'TILL 2006?!?

    I'm not sure how many of you out there actually care, and I hope that it's more than I am assuming, but here goes. My sister heard this from an Alpena Police officer the other night when she flipped her car on the way to hockey practice "she is fine although the car is totaled." He is apparently...
  3. Grega

    Whit is the best Movie you ever wached till now?

    well the question is simple i didnt see it here and im curious what movies peuple like so ill start my personal fav is DRIVEN whit Sylvesrer Stalone (love those cool efects) :laff:
  4. D

    Amm till which episode Naruto is fan-subbed?

    i wait like hell to this
  5. B

    ... emptyness ...

    Sometimes I don't want to face life Sometimes I feel empty inside But every moment is precious And everyone will turn to dust meh, third work, 4 hours of work (from 1:17 am till 5:22 am) couldnt sleep eheh :p
  6. solidus

    Solidus Returns

    Im back! <expects comments of "u been away?" and "who?"> Hi, im Solidus, from such threads as the Link models. After the Link thread being closed twice, i had decided to leave this place forever, and i left...... I have now decided to give u one more chance, and here i am, back and more ready...
  7. Element4q2

    Element4q2's GT Goku Pack

    I asked for the other thread to be closed so i could start a new thread when the file was up for download. It seems a lot of people were interested in downloading it as i get about 10 pm's about it per week. I have sent the pack to RedSaiyan for hosting (since they're back online) However...
  8. N

    Vegeta Model

    So far i have frontal torso done heres some pics crits plz. I used MSpaint to cut out the torso area of the ref pic i used to give you an idea on how a scartch skin will work for it :)
  9. P

    Piccolo >_>

    http://www.dodstudios.net/uploads/uploads/picc9.jpg http://www.dodstudios.net/uploads/uploads/piccy1.jpg Critism greatly appreciated. My thanks goes out to Zereth for his comments and suggestions.
  10. Coolz_Inferno

    Yay only 7 hours and 55 mins till I get ESF

    life with a 56k is hard and if my internet screws up o_o its taken an hour and a half to get to 23% so yeah...... I'm hoping it works with the retail CS cause if it dont ;( . yeah anyway it will be fun to verse (sp?) all of you and get OWNED or is it PWN3D in the whole hacker talk (u can see I...
  11. Damaera

    Vegeta Edit

    I made a new edit. I think It's chibi and brown or pink hair (Color is screwed up sorry)Credit to Turk for the regular Vegeta model, I'm not releasing it to ANYONE untill I get permission.....
  12. N


    it really looks good !! i can't wait till the release,.... you probably heard this often :S:)
  13. L

    New model i'm making

    plz crit :) its still needs a lot of work to go tho
  14. S


    hey i need the pass for the evm server!!!!!
  15. S

    Check out my Chibi Goku GT!

    What do you guys think about my GT Goku? can i have your opinion? this is the second time i made a model i my life, that i put time in! Check it out: http://www.geocities.com/darksayians/PC_Modellen.html o, and check out my site please, aldo it´s in Dutch language...
  16. G

    Pay your tribute to the demon lord ^^

    Ladiiiiieeeeeeees and Gentlemeeeeeeeeen let's give him a warmly welcome, his evilness, demon lord piccolo. Ok ok lets get serious ^^ i've started with a new model and its piccolo (with hat and cape) so i want your critz again ppl. worktime about 2 hours again :p here ya go: Front view...
  17. TAz00


    Ok, i made a new...(Allready) Its fun it has tunnels, ice, water and Alot of breakables:D Right click and Save as... http://www.freewebs.com/taz00/Nc_Snow.zip Theres no lighting on the pics... PICS FINALLY Ok these pics took the space from my Page's credits section, SO U BETTER LIKE...
  18. sexyasian86

    last tribute: GUNDAM model }wip{

    GUNDAM model (WIP) well here is my WIP of a gundam. gonna get some help from ssj4gogetenks. but made that head last night and it's the first model i'm actually dong on my own. well making this for a new mod im in. hope you guys like it, havent really added in the detail parts of the head...
  19. S

    Model Q

    ok, i just downloaded this majin vegeta model and whenever I do a blue attack he seems to get very tall and skinny, is there a way I can fix this? thanks
  20. GMan

    We need some more 1.1 edits

    For real, people =p Can anyone convert some models? I would like some Goku models .. or Buu maybe.. heh.. Just a thought =/