1. Death The Jedi

    I wuz bored...

    so I made this: tell me what you think **EDIT** Futora Warfare is a mod thingy for ESF that i'm working on, just thought I'd let you know
  2. (V)ajinVegeta

    Whats that bar thingy?

    what is that bar thing on the lower right side of the screen and on the scouter thing.
  3. I

    Milkshape thingy

    i have brought a milkshape code from my friend for 7 dollars but i forgot to ask him where to put the code in so anyone know?
  4. Z

    A neat little graphic thingy

    It's on the mainpage of planethalflife, but thought I should point this out. Like in the topic it alters the graphics a little, such as motion blurs and such. the link may say hacks, but it is no hack, and has no hacks on it, I REPEAT NO...
  5. Skinnerfool

    Another Request

    no one is making a request for me so heres a good one make gohan with a black suit thingy battle damage!
  6. Big Bang Attack

    First Photoshop thingy!!, Wat ya think?

    Title, say wat the thing says
  7. B

    Freeza form 4 / Perfect Freeza

    i work on a Freeza form 4 look at this pics
  8. Ryoko

    Ryoko and pro's take 2

    Well here we go again, tried another Pro thingy -.- Normal .// Anime .// Any comments?
  9. J

    Brolly Conversion (copy & paste) Model: AzN Dragon Skin: AzN Dragon default Goku Animations: Dark Tooth? (not sure, sorry) Im not done yet, somehow I'm always screwing up the "§$%"§$% fingers, and, as u can see, his pants are clipping through the robe and I...
  10. God Gundam

    frieza wip

    well hows he comin along guys, i know hes in a pod yes, but in ghp he will use his pod thingy, thanks to an idea from kama, we decided to use it like this
  11. R

    Blue Genesis

    The names pretty ghey but I think it turned out quite nice, I used 3d Studio Max 4.2 and edited it in Photoshop. I text scusk so heh, Ignore it. About a 30 minute job. [And yes, I did this myself.]
  12. suicidal_maniac

    My new Siggy!!!

    My new sig. Critz are welcome.
  13. Demi-Shadow

    w00t! new sig, crits please

    ok, down there, this is my 4th sig (MY second, i've made 2 for 2 other people) thanks people :)
  14. A

    Vegeta gt and ssj4

    hi ok its vegeta in his gt outfit with short hair (hair by Azn) i reskin it and put the hair on it but its look like a little bit lol and ssj4 for download send me an email at [email protected]
  15. Abrophis

    Could Someone make a Chibi Goku Model

    When someone has a Son Goku Model from the Normal Dragonball. Where Goku was a Child could say where i could download it?
  16. DJ-Ready

    beam explosion size bug thingy ...

    ok, dunno if this is already posted, but when i reach high poerlevels (around 100000000, then it happens sometimes that the "explosions" of the beams are realy tiny, smaller then a player, even if its full charged ... and i can hit anyone with a beam then ... just melee can hit peoples then ...
  17. Naz

    One of my first 3dsmax thingy's

    made a shape or 3 with 3dsmax , and finished it with photoshop, took me some time however I'm satisfied, I hope that I'll get better with 3dsmax in the future tough grtz Naz
  18. S

    for the ESF_TEAM

    ey ESF_TEAM how are u guys i have a question: How many maps are left or are they all done and: whats left for he beta Models are done, maps dont know?, so whats left? but u guys do a great job!:D
  19. O


    another medabot. electric kitty thingy. anyway feel free to criticize or what not. you need viewpoint. click me foo
  20. N

    ink blotty type thingy

    I just did this messing around in photoshop. It reminds me of an ink blot test... I thought comet, but im sure most people here would probably say Kamehameha wave or such...