1. Kasey

    Microsoft's Project Natal (360 attachment thingy)

    I looked around and it looked like nobody posted this yet so... Microsoft is working on some thing that will attach to the 360 and you won't need a controller. It's sort of like the wii but better. Watch the video it's ridiculous.
  2. Super Veggeto

    Another Custom thingy... =x

    Not sure if you can call it a bug, but I'm also not sure it's intentional. It's kind of hard to explane but I'll try... Basically, the original model will always effect the custom model through the QC file, it seems. For example, if the original model has a loop command in it's QC file and...
  3. Pieter Paul Rubens

    Post your desktop.. corner.. thingy..

    Well yea, post the area where your PC is etc ^^ Mine: What you can find on this pic are: my cellphone, wallet, 2 remote controls (TV and stereo), iPod, orange juice, 2 bottles of water, Warcraft 3: TFT, Day of Defeat: Source, clockradio, webcam, gifts received from friends and lots of...
  4. Pieter Paul Rubens

    TV Quiz thingy..

    Ok, so there is this little show on the belgian television that gives you some numbers and actions, and you have to calculate the total.. This week, the numbers were: 80 - 12, x 2, + 10, - 50 Quite a few people called (you can win EUR 1000) but none of them had the correct answer.. So after a...
  5. RavenTrunks

    World of Warcraft patch/mod thingy

    been looking for this patch thing that makes wow easier to manage, but i cant find out what its called. anyone know what im talkin about?
  6. B

    Help with power core changer thingy!

    I got amxx 1.5.5 for esf and then i got the change core powerlevel plugin, i go in the game and i cant figure out what the command is, i mean when i type in amx_powerlevel is tells me to type amx_powerlevel <admint, nick, Team, or steam id> <power level here>. So i go in the game, create a...
  7. E

    Tie Thingy

    You know when two players do swooping and hit themself, I don't remember how its called So when a tie happens a white aura will come out of them (i will give a example later) the aura pushes away anything at all , and also if there will be 25 ties (if possible) then they do a combo whos...
  8. Hamppu

    Swoop thingy :P

    when ur on ground and going to start swooping.. u just would go like in the air but the aura would go further back and wide up little.. then the dust would go to 2 lines little over the place where ur chars. feets are.. would look smthng like this and so on.. and from where u started...
  9. A

    lifting up house thingy?

    on the home page of esforces the picture of the week thing shows freeza or however u spell his name lifting up one of there house thingys with rock i tried to do that and it didnt work is there something im supposed to be doing instead of going up to it holding down left mouse button because all...
  10. Enix

    Some kinda magic thingy....

    I got inspired to do one of these things. Dunno why, I just felt like it. I dunno if I will add more effects and make it uber secsi. And I also havn't posted anything in here for a while. weee....... time for bed...
  11. I

    some thing like cll thingy differ from server's, map i think

    i go on esp, then i click on find server....MANY (like all the time) a thingy pops up and tells me that my cll map thingy, and the client id thing is different from the server's... help me plz :laff:
  12. Anty

    Funny web thingy

    Behold... a nice movie... about nothing... do not take it seriously :fight: : Ow... there might be some 'offending' words in it. So... beware younger viewers ;D
  13. A

    Manga thingy

    Yeah I put together a little intoduction on the 1st manga :D
  14. Flying Dutchman

    Indicator sprite to replace diamond thingy

    First of all I would like to thank the team for finally giving us the option to get rid of the < sims-style > diamond thingy, but playing without it isnt exactly handy. I suggest adding an option to activate a sprite drawn around other players so you can still see where they are from a...
  15. B

    Dragon thingy

    Whaddya think? - woulda posted some stuff earlier, but my parents cancled internet, then decided not to get satellite, so it tookem a while to get it all back up and running, (now i have internet on my pc, so no more file transfering YAY, i love wireless)
  16. VoLd

    Post number thingy?

    I just noticed that whenever i post a reply or thread or whatever my post number always stays at 4..... why?
  17. Blademaster

    how do i do this thingy magicy?

    how do i make new effects on models if i were to skin it? like eg:Goke SSJ make his hair like the SSJ3 Goku. or do i have to model a whole new model?
  18. M

    the new evm thingy i need help

    how do i do there specail move like use friezas 100%or use krillans speed up do i have to trans for it cause im lost and wat button do i press
  19. M

    Piccolo attack, scatter thingy's

    Since Piccolo in the show shot them all around 17 and they stopped in mid-air to wait, maybe that could be added in ESF. Maybe another key that stops them in the air. Primary fire = shoot, [insert key here] = stops blast, and secondary fire = home in on cursor area. What do you guys think?
  20. Sunslayer

    The little square thingy next to your post number

    i am guessing that you guys will be beating the guts out of me fore this, but what does that little green square mean? i see something like "Sunslayer has talent, but has a lot of work to do (10)" on mine... what does that number mean?