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Feb 23, 2006
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Ok, so there is this little show on the belgian television that gives you some numbers and actions, and you have to calculate the total.. This week, the numbers were:

80 - 12,
x 2,
+ 10,
- 50

Quite a few people called (you can win EUR 1000) but none of them had the correct answer.. So after a while, they gave us the result.. It was 438..

Now my question to you is.. HOW?! How on earth can you get 438? :/ My guess would've been 96 or 16.. But 438? O_O

Anyone know..

PS: it actually was like this in dutch (same values, just in dutch ;)):
Tachtig - Twaalf,
x Twee,
+ Tien,
- Vijftig

The reason why I mention the dutch version, is that it might be possible that you have to add the number of characters or something.. Dunno..
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Nov 30, 2002
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:-\ That's rather odd. But i don't like those Quiz shows anyway. I mean, tons of people call of course in the beginning, but they never let them in. Why? So they can gain money, and just on the end when they say that no one has called yet (which is not true at all) they add a caller. To the answer of this thread, i have no idea. The answer should be 96.

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