1. Kaination

    Grand Theft Auto V aw yeah!
  2. Mkilbride

    GDC 2011: Piracy is not theft

  3. Epedemic_Optikz

    Grand Theft Auto IV

    Let me start off by saying that the detail in this game outdoes any other game in existence right now. They've really revolutionized what is possible to do on the next-gen consoles. I'm pretty sure that everyone knows that this is game of the year/game of the decade/best game of all time...
  4. W

    ESF Texture theft in Second Life

    Hi everyone. I'm a leading DBZ avatar creator in Second Life. I make all my own products, textures, etc. But I've found one of my competitors who is not so honest. He is selling avatars which look wonderful. But he is not a good artist at all. I have confronted him about this, and he admitted...
  5. M

    Grand Theft Auto IV Trailer Tomorrow (03/29/07)

    Souce: Stay tuned.
  6. Optimus Prime

    Grand Theft Auto Fans

    GTA IV Trailer countdown!
  7. M

    Grand Theft Auto IV

    Short overview - Sounds like Rockstar is taking the approach VALVe did with the episodic content. Dicuss!
  8. Kurt`

    MULTI THEFT AUTO? !_! Came out a few days ago as you are no doubt aware.......... How many of you actually have san andreas (or are willing to acquire it) and would be willing to do a race marathon or setup a tournament? I have enough pipe to host vent/teamspeak or whatever + a dedicated box to...
  9. L

    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

    i love this game cuz of its graphics!
  10. Eon

    Favorite Grand Theft Auto Main Character

    I'm going to have to go with Tommy Vercetti, his attitude was always great, even when powerful people talked down to him he always got back in their face with a smartass comment. Tommy for the win. :o
  11. S

    Grand Theft Auto Saves Lives!?

    "The children happened to be playing a video game called Grand Theft Auto at the time. The game has dozens of random police scanner messages, which blare out calls such as "This is the police! You’re surrounded!" Believe it or not, Wilson says the burglars heard that message and thought police...
  12. P

    New Grand Theft Auto:San Adreas Scans!!!!!

    Here are some new scans as well as a short interview. Offical Boxart Cover Latest Magazine Scans Latest Interview There has been 2 threads in the past...
  13. S

    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Images

    These are the 4 Latest Images for the game, i think its looks pretty good so far even thought its only 3 and it turns out that it might have a new star character as well as i dont really see tommy in any of them ^_^
  14. Hash

    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Announced

    Taken from "Ending all the constant speculation about the next installment of the Grand Theft Auto series, Rockstar Games announced today that Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is indeed coming out. In the press release unveiled this morning, GTA: San Andreas will be an exclusive title...
  15. owa

    Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Help

    Hey, I got a PS2 plus this game and Code Veronica X on the weekend and I've been playing it nonstop, anywho I'm on Deathrow mission where you save Lance Vance, well I just can't beat it, I tried everything, anyoen got some tips for me? or maybe tips for missiosn yet to come.
  16. Buce

    Grand Theft Auto 3

    i just wanted to know...why was gta3 recalled....actually that is a dumb question but...what did they change? i think i got the one before it was recalled....that is cool but i want to know what changed...thanks
  17. Sonic the Vampire

    Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

    I just got this thing a couple of days ago and I'm 50 percent finished with it already... not to say that it wont take me weeks to get it up to 100% or anything, with so many hidden and bonus missions to deal with. Talk about replay value! This is the best game I've spent my money on in a...
  18. G

    Grand Theft Auto

    RockStar had created one of the greatest games on the planet. One of those that I've even heard of is, Grand Theft Auto. That game is my favorite action game of all time. Of course I haven't played Vice City, but I'm happy with GTA3.
  19. L

    Grand Theft Auto : Vice City

    I dunno if anyone else is getting this game but i'm litterally can't F**king wait. I've bene following this since E3 and my god it just seems to get betters and better and better. For those who are looking to check out some more check out then go to there movies section just...
  20. Hsu

    New Grand Theft Auto game

    There is a new gta game in the works and it is said to be bigger and better the gta3... we can olny hope. I just want to see two things added to it.... 1) multiplayer 2) motorcycles ... because they rocked in gta1 Go here for more info.