1. Optimus Prime

    Fat Princess: TFC on crack.

    A game that PS3Fanboy describes as "Team Fortress meets Pikmin meets a high-carb diet," and that IGN has dubbed as "the result of some screwed up cloning project involving Animal Crossing, Strawberry Shortcake, and Warhawk," with 32 player online matches, this game could be hilariously epic...
  2. dudiblah

    TFC anyone

    does anyon play tfc (team fortress classics) my favorite class would be the medic . the medic can heal/infect and has moderate weapons plus the medic isn't very slow whats your favorite class if u play
  3. Vashusa

    can anyone help me in mapping

    can anyone tell me a way to see a alredy finished map in Valve Hmmer Editor. I need a;ll the help i can get( nooby mapper). i dont reall have the hang of mapping yet
  4. TimTheEnchantor

    An offer to TFC and Vampire Slayer players..

    I will duel anyone here in a tfc/vs competition. I want to see who can beat me, because no one has yet. Anyone up for it? *mods: this aint spam rofl, i want to have some competition in the forum... i am not saying im the best, but everyone i have come across in a duel, has lost.. I...
  5. Logan4434


    ok,im doing a model for some mod(havent decided yet between TFC or HLDM)but when i try to compile it says"to many normals"WTF is that crap.never gotten it before.
  6. X

    ESF Freezes when I try to RUN it ;(

    When I hit Go! on the Expert Run menu It goes into ESF and gets to Building Server then it says it is loading the SKY textures and it freezes there, but it also say that it cannont find the commandmenu.txt. If anyone knows what I did wrong plz respond :D or PM me if it is easier.
  7. Loki

    TFC Clan

    I know some of you may think TFC is an outdated game but I don't really care what you think. Im sending this as a small flyer.. viC Clan Page If anyone is interested in joining head over to that page.
  8. D


    I'm really into TFC and I've been playing it like mad when i have free time. I was wondering if anyone else plays and is interested in making a clan (I'm not letting in just anyone if ur an ******* don't bother asking). My friend Dustin and I have worked on a site, probably hosted on his...
  9. Synth

    Better than Cheater-Strike, TFC etc.

    Its become a reality gandering at all the pictures and teaser videos(saiyan powerup is awesome) That this mod is top notch. Clever ideas and good coding have made this mod really good(Not sucking up) This mod is just a good idea. Im tired of shooting at OGC hacking *******s who kill me with awps...
  10. Emeka650


    How do you Reinstall tfc I dont know how.
  11. Emeka650

    How Do you reinstall tfc

    I really dont know how to reinstall tfc.I read some guys saying that tfc might be whats wrong with playing esf on the internet.
  12. L

    Someone Please Tell Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can somebody please tell me what i put in the options menu for worldcraft i got the esf fgd and all that but i dont know what everything else has to be PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE
  13. Guerilla

    Please Help Me!

    I need to know how to shrink skin textures and to make it work on the model, lets say make a tfc skin from 512x512 to 256x256.... i need to do this because my damn pc sucks ass and i really wanna get that extra framerate, and also i wanna make the esf player textures from 512x512 to 256x256 so...
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