1. Mkilbride

    Quantum Teleportation
  2. P

    random melee teleportation

    My idea is that when in advanced melee, the two people engaged randomly teleport around the map as to avoid being blown away by someone just waiting for you to get out of it. the teleportation is automatic, and doesn't cost the two engaged any energy.
  3. S


    I think you should be able to hold teleport to extend the length to which you teleport. Would be good coz ATM you dont teleport very far.
  4. Goku SSJ3


    what i mean is basicly this: o_-_- |-_-_- (best i could do) :) /\-_-_- get my point? I got this idea from the movie 7. But please just say if u would give it a yes? If u watched it u would know...
  5. S

    Teleportation Binded to Double Tap

    I think teleporting should be binded like this: W, W= Tele Forward S, S = Tele Backward A, A = Tele Left D, D = Tele Right Jump, Jump = Tele Up Crouch, Crouch = Tele Down I just think it would be easier this way. Anyone agree?
  6. X

    Advanced Teleportation

    I think maybe you should disable teleport binds. And instead give Goku the ability to do instant transmission when he goes ssj. Because as you know, Goku didn't have the abilty to do instant transmission untill after he was able to go ssj. If you recall...<TABLE style=filter:glow(color=red...
  7. Naraku

    Teleportation in place , and Gokus teleport

    ok if someone were to shoot you while you are in the air and you press the teleport key and you teleport in place and the shot goes through you , and gokus teleport can be different , you hold teleport key and it charges up and you let go and you are all the way across the screen.
  8. S

    teleportation thingy

    i was just wondering, cuz sumtimes u wanna teleport a short distance and somtimes u wanna go quite far, so why dont u have sumthing where u hold down the teleport button and the longer u hold it the further u teleport?
  9. C

    teleportation fix idea

    1) i think the teleportation needs a graphic fix, instead of weird particles coming out when u teleport u should either see speed lines like in the anime or an after image fading away, that will display the speed of the teleport. 2) i also think the teleport shouldnt have a teleport...
  10. MastaKilla

    Teleportation IDEA!!!

    U no in the game that all u do is move in the direction u want to be and u press the teleport botton to go that direction. HEres my idea, wut if u want to teleport far away from where u standing? Well, if u want to teleport far away, u point the direction that u want to go to and u hold the...
  11. Antoine3323

    Teleportation Probs!!

    Ive have been havin probs trying to get teleportation to work!! The main prob is when I compile the map, the trigger for the teleportatio isnt there!! Any suggestions???