1. G

    what is ESF| EVM TeamPlay?

    i see some of these servers, i let steam download all the sources, but when i try to join then, ESF just turns off.....
  2. D

    Teamplay Servers!

    Someone needs to host an (north American) server that has teamplay on it for the 1.3 beta. The gameplay's great, but I'm usually forced into a free-for-all game. Such games are rarely fun, because there's ALWAYS someone off to the side ready to blast you with a beam when you're not looking...
  3. real goku

    teamplay round clock

    hey! mabye i has been suggested before (but i searched and diddn't find ;) ) i think in teamplaymode there should be real rounds.. so if you die you will respawn, when everybody of one team is dead or the roundclock has become 0:00 just like in counter strike but without bombdefusing or...
  4. frsrblch

    Is there something wrong with Teamplay?

    I cant help but notice this when Im looking for servers. There are no dedicated Teamplay servers and its hard to find good team games to play in. I cant stand FFA style games. Everything is great until someone decides he wants to fight you, while youre fighting someone else. Or they figure...
  5. T

    I cant get teamplay to work

    I tried everything I can to get teamplay to work on my dedicated. putting either of there in my server.cfg does not work. teamplay 1 mp_teamplay 1 What am I missing please help.
  6. GoldSaiyan

    ESF teamplay tips.

    1. Shield Attack Transfer I've seen this before. It's the so called, SA(Shield Attack) transfer. 2 Gohans must be close to eachother and use Shield Attack, when you charged it up for a few seconds. Tell the other to keep his shield up, the one who said it must release the energy of the shield...
  7. S

    How do you get ESF Teamplay?

    When I try to connect onto other esf games, it says that I need esf teamplay. But I have no idea how to get that! Can anyone help me?!o_o
  8. Skyrider

    A spawn Tip for mappers!!!

    i already saw in 2 map's that there is ONLY 1 spawn point,, thats NOT good!! what if you are playing whit bots? they just worldkill themself cuz there is only 1 spawn point!
  9. A

    Teamplay Ideas

    First things first, Team Last man Standing. You die, you're out for the round. Alternate uses for the candy drop attack. Lets say, in team LMS, when someone is made into a candy drop and not immediatly eaten, they stay a candy drop for a short time. A freindly player as Buu, can reverse it...
  10. Jonka

    New teamplay

    I was thinking it would be cool if there was a teamplay called Protect the world.Its where the good guys try to protect the map from the bad guys by reaching a high pl limit before them to win and the wolrd saved.If bad guys reach the high pl limit before them then one of them can charge up a...
  11. Synth

    Deathmatch, Teamplay, and Dragonballs

    I can figure how Deathmatch willl work....... Capture the dragonballs seems simple......... But how will the teamplay work? its agrivating when you got 4 goku's at one server with ff off and 2 of them or evil and the other 2 good. you don't know who to shoot and which goku you can damage...
  12. S


    He! what about a more teamplay game thingie... no levels like a block but more like dod.cs.fa. etc. you need to walk and find the enemy so that you can stick together with the team and then cause a Double Blast on 1 enemy and kick the **** outtha him.... i mean.... like you must think of a...
  13. G

    Hl Teamplay

    Hi, Some news about my pb.. I create a lan game : no problemo. My friends launch esf : no problemo. They can see my server : oki BUT : they see it as an Half Life Team Play .. what wrong..? Why, have you got an idea? is there a special method for launching the game or openning the...
  14. B

    teamplay identification

    i don't if you've implemented anything similair to this or not... but i was thinking a team identification system, i like in tribes2 (green/red arrows above a person), would REALLY help the game play.. this mod owns, keep up the awesome work!
  15. C

    Team-Play suggestions...

    here are some suggestions to increase team play: - red auras for one team, blue for another - ingame text is red and blue dpending on team - instead of good vs evil make it red vs blue - show who kills who up top like in CS / TFC - show how they were killed just some suggestions...