1. B

    Sing me a song of songs, a poem of poems, an epic tale of epic tales

    Game: Create a song about peaches. However you can only do one phrase / line at a time. The lyrics must be original and not from a famous artist/band. I'll start you off: Peaches are sweet
  2. Wangster

    first wp with a lil 2D ...

    hey, i made a wp, its been a long time, so please dont butch me if its ugly... i think it looks cool, the pic fits really well, thats my opinion, what do you all think? ps: the image has no stroke....aldough it loosk like it @ some parts. looks better when used as wp in xp.
  3. X

    My very first 5 drawings.. ever..

    Well one is without watching on a picture.. Guess witch one? Size: 1/4 of A4 Size: 1/3 of A4 Size 1/4 of A4 Pictures with Head and Body part: Size: 1 A4 SIze: 1/2 of A4 SORRY FOR THE LOW QUALITY... ITS WEBCAM SHOTS! Remember my first 5...
  4. S

    Majin Chibi trunks lol........

    well, i was practicing my drawin, and drew a pic of chibi trunks, but i gave him a bit of a weird grin, so i decided to make him Majin, i thought sum people here might like it so here it is: BTW: check out Dragonball NG, the link is in the topic in the "off topic" forum Enjoy!
  5. S

    New pic of Teck from DBNG

    here you go: If you havent checked out our new site yet have a look at:Dragonball NG Enjoy, (new issue of NG out soon!)
  6. A

    M.O.D vegeta

    This was made by our own talented J for the mod called M.O.D. And this is one of our maps
  7. D

    Siggy :P

    check out the sig and i want u to pic which gundam blend looks better out of the 3 ;) also has avatar to go with it :D
  8. God Gundam

    skinner needed

    im in need of a skinner, im to overloaded with mod work to skin the models im releasing for replacements. all i need is for you to post some of your previous work- reskins arent allowed, your own work. I will choose one person who i believe is the best. but yeah, this would benifit you mod...
  9. T

    grounded can i have a link to your ssj3 goku?

    i really want the skin it dosent matter to me if its complied or not.. thanks in advance!:talk:
  10. R@!D3R

    -=I am disgusted.... Concerning All Forum members=-

    Ok, I just want to speak my mind here about what I think of some of the posters here. Why don't some of you think before you post or at least explain what you are saying. The reason this post goes in modelling is because it concerns a really talented modeller MysTic_Ryu or Azn.. He was working...
  11. R

    one of you talented guys ;)

    i am sort of reading how to model, but i can tell i anit going to be to good :( , but anyway could one of you talented guys make a raditiz model?, i know you most liky wont cos not alot of people like him in the series :(, but hay! ill be really happy if one of you guys can :D cheers Rob
  12. Marauder

    Help me?

    Well i have lots of pictures that i wanna make sig out of em, but im not that talented, i wonderd if some1 could help me take 1 of those pictures and put my name on it and edit it abit
  13. S

    Psx Cover Art Contest

    Esf's Psx Cover Contest Alright, This is Esf's contest of the month :) The objective of this contest is much different than the first. Instead of Cg's, Wallpapers or sigs I thought (With help from Ryoko) What about a new unique idea? Why don't we design the front cover of a Play Station...
  14. S

    zbrush and max question

    I got two questions. For zbrush im getting used to it and looks wicked for skinning but dont know how to import a model onto it anyone know? For max its fairly simple, where did u guys learn how to model like shmo and mystic. These guys have wicked talent and i just wanna know where did u learn...
  15. M

    WIP Majin Buu

    almost finished him. hard with his head cos its wierd shape.. some pics he has a neck others he doesnt :S.
  16. J

    some DBZ pics

    here are some drawings i made long time ago. I already showed them about half a year ago. but for the ones who missed it :)
  17. Yui Sakura

    My lineart

    well there it is... C&C if ya want... btw, no references were used except for #17, and even then he still sucks. [edit] sorry about the double post. i completely forgot about :p if you could plz delete my above post or something to sort it all out? *No problem. I'm not lazy and...
  18. Z

    New drawings

    New drawings!!! You can find them here: http://cyphertype1.netfirms.com/drawings.htm
  19. S

    Piccolo wip

    awesome model i hope a talented skinner will skin it.. and i want ti for mah site lol...
  20. S

    POlycoUnT PimPAs

    if you have ever skinned something in the polycount pimpas section then post it here... i will post mine later... **UpDaTe** here is a polycount pimpa model im working on now, kinda looks like jboskma's, he should post his.. here it is... about 30 min in progress...
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