1. D

    a easy idea for swooping /ground stuff

    1 movement while on the ground (unless turboed or swooping) must be reduced to a normal run/walk speed (because its ridicolous as it is right now) 2 simple flying ,from the ground up gets 1 sec ''cast time'', swooping gets a 2 sec ''cast time'' however only when you are swooping/flying from the...
  2. Disguise

    Swooping Changes - In with the New

    Currently there are two primary methods of swooping: First and foremost, it's used to maneuver and attack. A player will swarm around the same area and avoid being hit, and when the opponent recharges, they will close the distance quickly and strike when they are off-guard. This is often done...
  3. SSJ4boneVegeta

    Here's something I noticed about Swooping

    When carrying out the following steps: 1. Power up/Raise Pl 'Mouse3' 2. Holding Directional button (like) 'w' 3. Holding shift while in motion After the end of the first swoop holding shift automatically started the next swoop as expected but at the speed of a result of doing steps 1 and...
  4. The Deco

    Some suggestions - Some swooping stuff

    I watched some episode in DBZ when they fight the Ginyu force and I saw something that could be easily implanted to Open Beta. (1.3) The first fight vs recoome was vegeta. He did exactly what we do in turbo charge then he swooped exactly like swooping in 1.3 then he did a first hit basic...
  5. M

    Teleporting While Swooping

    Man, it's been a while since I've made a suggestion. The way I pictured it in my mind is that if you needed to cover a little more ground, you could teleport while swooping. When you teleport, it doesn't take away from the total time allowed in the swoop, even though the time it takes to...
  6. N


    Can there be an alternative to the way we start swooping? Double tapping all the time really messes up the fingers. Like 1.x clicking to swoop.
  7. T

    swooping and turbo bug

    While swooping if you press turbo, character BECOME DEPENDENT with aura.
  8. M

    Suggestion: Ascend/turbo while swooping (only if you have perfect trans pl)

    Hey, i was just thinking about this.. in the series (i believe future trunks somewhere near the cell games sage or android saga) trunks is trying to keep up with vegeta and leaves the ground swooping as normal... while swooping he transforms to ssj.. perhaps this could be in esf 1.3? What...
  9. D


    I think that they should have one button swoops like 1.1, and then for faster, more powerful swoops, make them charged, up to about 3 seconds for max speed. Why I say 3 seconds, because thats about the amount of time to make you go only a slight bit faster, not too much to make it from like SSJ...
  10. Dokutayuu

    Swooping backwards and other odities

    I've noticed that when you swoop, even backwards or sidewards, advanced melee will occur. I've also noticed a small animation glitch, when you walk forwards, sidewards and diagonally backwards your hip does something strange. Also when firing the Frieza disc, you must swap weapon to be...
  11. ace005

    Swooping and teleporting

    Wouldn't it be cooler, if the afterimage that is left behind after a teleport would have the same effect like in the anime?Like, having all thoes lines "cutting thru"..I don't know how to explain it... In esf, the afterimage is too simple. Wouldn't it be cooler, if an enemy is at short...
  12. N

    Swooping - Must it be a double key tap?

    I've been playing 1.2.3 for a while now (previously played a few years ago, just before it came out) and while most of it is good, one thing really gets to me. I am not good at double-tapping keys. It's fuggly, counter-intuitive and sometimes very difficult to pull off when you need it most as...
  13. Z

    Why is the swooping limited?

    And not unlimited? That's how it is in the series anyway...
  14. john_volkov

    swooping teleport

    Well I dont know if this is a good ideea but for the next esf to swoop and teleport at the same time like you swoop to a person let's say he is Frieza he got the disk and you swooop and he trows the disk and in swooping you can teleport foword and backword foword to teleport from the disk And...
  15. KidMan

    Swooping while shooting

    Ok, I suggested this idea a long time ago and Im bringing it back with new ideas and such. Everyone has seen this in DBZ/Gt. In a fight one of the characters is flying around shooting either ki blasts or generic balls at the other guy. Well I think the ESF should have this in also. The...
  16. M

    a good idea for swooping

    ok how about this for a idea add that extra swoop boost from the newest evem and if possible make it where if you use this then press melee it adds more of a knock back equal to your speed i mean comeon if your going lighting quick and punch someone ther gunna go flying for miles oposed to...
  17. U

    What is the command or series of commands for swooping?

    What is the command or series of commands for swooping? I have tried the followings: "+forward; -forward; +forward" "+forward; +forward; -forward" This would be really useful for my configs. :)
  18. S

    Toggle swooping

    Meh, you think there is any chance of adding a button to toggle swooping? Double tapping is all fine and good, but if there was a way to maybe hold down a button, and hit forward to make your guys swoop, I think that would make it smoother. It would be similar to hold duck and walking.
  19. T


    I see people do this all the time. they swoop at me then kick me(right click) and then i fly back and like 1 sec later they kick me before ive even recovered. How do u do this?
  20. .Maze

    Thru Glass Swooping Bug

    Since ESF 1.2.2 i can swoop very often thru Glass. can easy repeat it, its just swoop with an long run to the glass and swoosh ou went thru it and the glass is still there without any flaws.
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