1. B

    Ginyu body swap

    When i try to use body swap i see his "essence" go into their body but nothing else happens plz help ;( p.s i nearly always get turned into the frog
  2. Super Veggeto

    Texture Swap for Models

    I never made a suggestion here =P but here goes... Not sure if it already has been implemented but I was curious if it's possible to have a feature that will allow to swap between textures of a character model for a specific animation. Think facial expressions, like switching a sub texture...
  3. GotenksOwnz

    Swap Sig's

    This is an idea i think would be fun to do. Wat we do is make each other a sig like i.e i make soandso a sig and he makes me one and we keep that sig for about a week or so. Just an idea so let me know wat you all think.
  4. D

    More characters?

    Um..I don't know if this goes against ESF's copywrite rules or anything, but is it possible to choose more characters? Ie-have more than 9 or ten, or whatever they have at the moment? And if so, how?
  5. shadow16

    [ms3d] swapping parts head/arm/etc

    -after reading through some tutorials i did get a better understanding about making models etc...though nothing has really gone right so far but o well....anyways i wanted to know how can i like basically copy and paste stuff....l e.g I want to copy goku's head and lets say swap it with...
  6. Skyrider

    Power swap!

    i whas thinking about a Power swap.. when a enemy is loading a attack.. and he is 3.000.000 and you at 2.000.000. you load your block, and when the beam is near, you release the block button, and trow the beam away.. whitout getting a blockstruggle,, but you need to load the Block swap
  7. Vengaurd

    tranforming animations

    i cant seem to find out what file tells half life what things to use in the transformations (gokus lightning, rocks, aura ect.) any help here would be nice