1. M

    The last try for suggesting DeAttached beams!

    was suggested many times b4 with no success! I think I'll try one last time... maybee anyway I think that Attached beams( such as: generic,KHH,FF,GG,Masenku,Mouthbeam, Burning attack... ) should be able to be DeAttach only when PSing with ACTUALL DEATTACHED beams\Energy Balls such as...
  2. Kreshi

    SSJ4 Goku Beta!!!

    Ok, i have not finished the goku, but it is almost done! Look: The problem is the body.......... the body sucks :fight: :laff: :cry: And I have also still to make a tail, but the tail isn´t the problem.... the problem is the animations from the tail!!!!! Wahhhhhhh, I don´t have any...
  3. G

    My first attempted model! O_O

    Saaan my first stupid gun model ROFL!!!!!!! anyway crits are welcome on how to make it better if anyone wants to skin it PM me! XD
  4. Hibiki

    All thoes suggesting new transformations

    Just dont... plain and simple just dont suggest them Esf will and i will say it again for thoes slow people out there esf will have more transformations LATER not now but LATER u dont need to post a topic that says GIVE GOHAN SSJ2!!! because theres a 100% chance he will have...
  5. D

    Why Suggesting Anymore Powerups Is BAD

    Ok if there was to be a USSJ or Power up, people would abbuse it. Say I was super duperly USSJ with 1 speed and 15349 Mil PL.. and some dude with super krillin dueled.. Id be USSJ because I have low ping. Let the ESF Forces judge the transformations and stop posting *** little "kaokin and get...
  6. I

    Moving Aura's and hair

    I think the hair should ............ look more hair like =P but thats not what the threads about...... I'm suggesting an animation for the turbo.. the Aura should move instead of just.... not moving.. :S The hair should also move like theres wind... unless everyone uses extermely strong...