1. john_volkov

    beam's strugal sugestions

    well after i seen the beam strugal i like it whit the pump thing so i whas thinking about this say i am vegeta and u r goku (dose mater ho):well i change a galligun u a kameha u will probabli win or me well this is my sugestion i change a galligun u a spirit bomb vegeta pump ki and goku whit...
  2. john_volkov

    ssj Sugestions

    Well my sugestion is verry simple and here it gose I sugest for u if u have Perfect Transformation u culd transfom in SSJ like this I hope the gif works
  3. john_volkov

    androyd 18 thread sugestions :)

    Well since esfb1.3 will have android 18 i sugest to: Androyd 18 asscends change whit 17 and sinc A16 fight inperfect Cell and perfect Cell he suld cheange whith 16 and this will be thee last asscending point of the androyd since goku get 3 forms andoyds suld have 2 like ssj2 :)this will...
  4. T

    Few sugestions

    how about removing esf city and put the new city there and more secrets in the maps would be nice :) [Sensu beans and other stuff :)] maybe a place or chamber thad icreases ur pl and or health and i know it is hard or not possible but a few breakable items would be cool to like wooden...
  5. M

    Important Sugestions!

    Hi,I downloaded esf 1.2 and it was my 1st time ive played it.Great mod! There are only a few things that bothered me.The ssj transformation...its cool and everything exept when the hair goes yellow (or any other trans) It looks all sloppy as if you watch a movie then suddenly you acidently press...
  6. T

    2 game mode sugestions

    Wel i often chat with a other Hardcore ESF fan aNd we came to this topic thad i am now saying: Mode 1: Mode like Counterstrike Play ESF in roundsHe who dies needs to wait till End of the Round or till All players of 1 team DiedAfter thad just new round :d Mode 2: Enegy mode Or no...
  7. Majiin_Vegeta

    just a few sugestions

    1 actaully have 2 teams..Evil and Good...with different characters from what i have seen both teams have the same charcters O_o also..when transforming to SSJ and such...would love to see sum dust..and a big power wavy :laff: thing maybe the dust flying in a circle around the player..and...
  8. R


    people are making many sugestions but why dont the esf team do domething about wat we would like in the game? :scared:
  9. F

    A few bug reports + sugestions

    I just downloaded ESF and I love it :D I've been playing with friends + kibots to get to know the game a bit better. A few of problems I have found so far: 1) You can't melee if you stay to close to the opponent(face off). Also, you can't melee them when they got knockout and there's a wall...
  10. Whitecrab

    7 Small Sugestions for ESF Alpha 2.0

    Hi, I'm new here and finally got around to joining the forums. I have 7 tweaking ideas that I think would help ESF. Sorry if they've been discussed before or are obvious. 1) In the character select menus, you should use commas in the Ki values (1, 000, 000 instead of 1000000) just to make...