1. sub

    Favorite Subject?

    Out of curiosity and boredom, what is / was your favorite subject when in high school? For me, I have to say history. History was the only subject I actually enjoyed in school, plus it was the only one where I could get A's without studying or even really paying attention. How about you guys?
  2. SaiyanPrideXIX

    On the Subject of Spikier Hair

    This will probably turn into a flame, and will probably be closed immediately, but I figured I'd share it with you all anyways. When Vegeta is definitely SSJ2 (during the Majin stages), his skin tone is much paler (as are Goku's and Gohan's at this stage). You can tell it better because of...
  3. M

    ROUND 2

    Well i see my first EDITED BG didnt hit the spot i will try again with an complete MY BG *EDIT* Keep in mind its my First I hope u like CRITZ
  4. |Da|K|


    Exceptince watcha all think?
  5. Ultra33Gokussj3

    SS4 Vegetto

    Mean i just had an idea , that i do a ss4 Vegetto from Neds The model s fine , but not finished , the bones needs to bee assigne , i didnt know if i could use ned s vegetto , if not , i wont release it! Credit to: Ned - Legs + Head Azn - Body Heres a pic
  6. A


    they should add androids in the game:) ;D
  7. Ryoko

    Ryoko and Tenchi

    Well, heres my latest wallpaper. Still wip though. Click the picture for the 1024 version. What do you think of it? Any ideas about what to add or take away? Comments much apreciated!
  8. Masibu

    Request: Yamcha Pack

    Hey, i am after a yamcha pack, including model, sound and sprites (yes i already know there is a model out) can anyone make one? thx in advance... the only sprite u would need to make is a wolf fang fist one, and the little icon could be the blue wolf thing (like in DBZ budokai)
  9. CyroTek

    bebi vegeta

    ok, that wasn´t the way it should go, it was my mistake i forgot to send the readme, and after i send it the person who uploaded it wasn´t online so he couldn´t change it, i uploaded it now on a my clan site, with the credits in the pack, so if they are wrong tell me, i´m not perfect so...
  10. ssj999vegeta

    error loading bmp

    every time im in adobe softwar and i save changes to a model bmp and then try to import it back ontop the model an error comes up saying error loading bmp wtf is that and it only happens with adobe warez
  11. TimTheEnchantor

    Remember the Holocaust Indy Art Image

    Remember the Holocaust..I know how this may be a horrifying subject to some, but here's a reality check, we don't want this to happen again...that's why we remind you...history shouldnt have to repeat itself in ways like this. Even nowadays, with all the potential of chemical warfare between...
  12. T

    Putting images on images

    I made a bg and put text on it , And i opened a DBZ anime characer i wanted to put on and i dont know how to!
  13. TimTheEnchantor

    A try at new art...intro'ing the Foreign Legion

    Well I decided to try a different approach here for grunge...I took some pulp fiction from different sources etc and added my own little touches to it... If you can guess the subject, its: Join the foreign legion! Fight crime(the guy in the corner), get pretty girls! and have fun doing so...
  14. KarrdeKNR

    THE Mapping "How To" thread

    Ok, this is a compilation of all pertinent information that has been collected in all of the stickies about mapping and how to get started. Feel something should be included? PM me and I'll look it over. First off, you need a copy of Valve's Hammer Editor (formerly World Craft). This can...
  15. S

    Freiza saga goku?

    hi there i have a request for u modelers out there ive downloaded the bd ssj3 goku that dakd made and now to the request. the normal bd goku form in that model that came from soccer,s ussj pack cant someone of u guys do a ssj version of that model like the battle with frieza on namek? p.s i...
  16. UltimateZero

    This may have have been posted but i dont have long so....

    as i stated in subject, i dont have long, in other words i cant be on much longer so instead of searhcign im just gonna request a real quick goku Nothing special just a normal one i DLed the USSJ pack i hate my goku, its so messed up lol i thought itd look better than it did
  17. S

    plzzz help me i need a new sound file for esf!

    can any one send me the sound file for esf because my cuz downloaded a bebi vagita and it came with a sound file which hereplaced the old one with and now vagita talks in japanise can any one help me out?? thx
  18. Vladdie

    can someone make me a bebi vegeta pls?

    look at the subject
  19. Deman

    don't just say "HELP ME" in the subject.

    Please, do not just say HELP ME!!! in the subject, explain the nature of the problem in just a few words on the subject, then, in the message elaborate. by just saying HELP ME!!! you get the people who can help ignoring you. If you were to say "I can't get bots on my LAN to work" somebody who...
  20. ultrassj_vegeta

    armored core wp

    didn really do much at all.... just made the bg.... then saw the pic and thot it suited it.. then just blurred sum crap.. thats bout it only.. so yhe.. just thot u ppls mite liek to see...