1. Disguise

    Ki Ball stun and Head-On Swoops

    I think if you're hit with a ki ball attack, it should stun you very briefly; If anything, just enough to stop a swoop. It would give some strategy and usefulness in using it I think, especially if you're looking to throw something in there to avoid head-ons. Since you can swoop and charge...
  2. Disguise

    Negative Ki or Stamina results in a Stun?

    I don't mean to pick at what you said, Grega, just putting it to good use. ^_^ First, if Ki drains regularly from swooping and teleporting, you're "stunning yourself." It'd be more of a penalty, yes, but I don't think in a fantasy-like fighting game it really applies. In a realistic one, yeah...
  3. S

    Stun melee

    A new ideas: A stun melee would be great. The stun melee attack is much slower then the normal punch, but it does more damage. Imagine the scene: You teleport in front of your opponent and use the stun melee attack. You punch the opponent right in his belly. Since the attack is slow, the...
  4. A

    Higher stun time for higher pl

    My idea is the more pl you get, the more stun time you get, but not very high. but the guy you are fighting will get 1/2 the stun time, making it not so unbalanced. what do YOU think about it?
  5. C

    problem with stun time after adv. meelee

    ok whenever i go into an adv. meelee. when the meelee is over we both get blown back. what is the fastest way to recover from that. i swear i have never beaten anyone after the stun time. i get blown back and the other person can charge back to ful and swoop to me everytime before i even get...
  6. C

    Piccolo's stun animation

    I haven't found anything with search so i posted it: After Piccolo gets prepunched and the players put in/dodge the arrows, there is the wrong stun animation for piccolo. It looks like he's prepunching very slow O_o
  7. Hellhound

    Better Stun animations

    Well I was thinking about the stun time. Well this idea will at the end maybe rejected. (Like all my other ideas :S ) Well while you charge your combo how about if the two charachers do some fast moving attacks to each other and also bloking em, these do not any damage but just make it look...
  8. P

    MY Brolly picture.....

    Here is a picture I drew... Inspired by Carl.
  9. C

    Recommend Stun opponent

    Sorry Ive read the posts. Earlier was just my first post and everything on my mind I wanted to type it up :) I dont think it was a waste of time cuz I wanted to get my mind across. Anyway, I see that most of the stuff was going to be implemented!! Thats good, but I do think they should...
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