1. O

    power struggles with the SB

    if you push back a spirit bomb the whole server will crash atleast i have seen it happen a few times on my server and a couple of others
  2. L

    Fight Struggles?

    Hi, I've just registered to the forums although I have been playing ESF for a while.... I'd like to say that this is the best DBZ game so far... other than DBZ Legends of course :-) (Almost all of the console DBZ games suck) But there seems to be something missing.... That's why I have a...
  3. R

    Power Struggles

    This is my frist post so ill start off by saying Hello to everyone... with that outta the way.... Had a pretty nice little power struggle today at about 2.5mil as goku..i won and ended up diein anyway when i respawned my power level almost doubled i was up to 4.5mil needless to say i was...
  4. [SoB]-Bones-

    Struggles ====o

    So ... folowing situation : Im facing an enemy wich fires kamehameha @ me and i fire 1 back so it will give a little struggle/power fight ... but what about a 3rd player can he fire into the struggle too ?
  5. S

    Power Struggles

    In the current alpha...that i am downloading now) are there power struggles?
  6. B

    power struggles

    In alpha you could be in the middle of a power struggle and just kinda turn fly on and off to get to the ground and your power struggle would continue even though you weren't behind your beam. Once you are on the ground you can build up ki while power struggling which is kinda cheap. Its not...
  7. Jango*Fett

    multiple power struggles

    what does that mean like 2 people on one side and 2 on the other or something. cause if i does you can already do that. just wondering:)
  8. U

    power struggles

    wen u hav a power struggle they shud make it like get bigger in the show.. it still moves but it gets bigger and bigger as u put more ki into it. it happens in da show.. e.g majin vegeta vs goku