1. H

    melee,power and block struggles

    I have ESF installed in my "CS 1.6 No-Steam" directory. Everything works ok but when I'm on power struggles I can't see the characters and the map goes crazy and moves very in every direction until the power struggle finishes and then it goes normal again. When i'm on melee and block struggles...
  2. D

    kiblobs around struggles are some things that happen that are, in my opinion, really lame and need changed 1) Around a person blockstruggling, you can surround them in a when the shot gets reflected, it detonates the kiblob and they die. or... 2) Put a kiblob around someone in a...
  3. L

    melee Struggles

    I want just to know , how can I make melee struggles in advanced melee ... Exemple : hold left click and press a s a s a ... I know that there are more combos like the exemple . PLEASE help me .
  4. RavenTrunks

    Team Block Struggles

    OK i know theres team Power Struggles, but was wondering why not have team block truggles? work same way as a power struggle but only, well, blocked guy. Sucks seeing my teamate lose in a Block struggle and cant help him by shooting another beam at the blocker. On future defense for this...
  5. imkongkong

    Different sequences for Melee Struggles.

    Melee struggles all look the same, why not add variety? When engaged in a melee struggles, the following should happen: 1. The current grappling of the hands with an aura growing around them both. 2. After they grapple hands and the arrows start to appear, an automated sequence of them...
  6. Hyper Chi Aura

    BLock Struggles w/ energy balls

    :p in Budokai 2, when vegeta used his big bang attack, he shot another blast into to point is sicne there r multiple PS, y nto multiple BS? like lets say goku shoots a spirit bomb...and antoehr guy is holidnig prevent it from being hrown bak, gokue can fire Ki balls to make...
  7. R

    Beam vs. Ball struggles

    I'm sure most of us have encountered the frustration of shooting a beam into a SB or SBC or GeneBall and being stuck in a struggle with something that won't die until it hits the edge of the map, and have somebody waiting with a charged KHH or even just ready to melee you when it's done. As...
  8. D

    My suggestions for beam struggles

    K first of all i'll introduce myself. I've been playing the mod for a long time and i really like it, and i have been reading the forums for quite a while, so im gonna say what i think should be in the game. Currently, when you fire a beam towards someone the beam head goes off on a tangent...
  9. S

    Beam struggles crash the server.

    This has happened a couple of times when I create a server. Me, and someone would be having a heated fight then we would launch beams at each other, and a big beam struggle forms, but then when it explodes my server crashes. Is this a bug you guys have already fixed, or no, or do you not know...
  10. Shuyin

    Big Beam Struggles And That Following Trail O_o

    ssj gohan fired a kamehameha at my character (buu) the powerstruggle took us from one side of the map to the other yet the beam struggle was still going. Even though i was against the map wall there was no crushing damage being taken , and someone managed to advanced melee me. After that i was...
  11. M

    Invincible in struggles

    Make people in power struggles or the advanced melee invincible while in the struggle. Im sick of being killed by ppl when i cant do anything to defend myself. And it just ruins the fun of PS. I wont suggest invincibility on trans, because that can be abused to get out of a fight
  12. E

    Power struggles

    I DONT NEED NO SMARTAS SES TO TELL ME HOW *** THIS IDEA IS IF THEY DONT LIKE IT............. yes.....i like the powerstruggles the way they are BUT it would be cool when they meet each other that they form a big ball and the more ki used the bigger the ball gets and it moves back and...
  13. T

    ps struggles..

    i think in a ps the beams should merge with half of the end of each beam being in the center. That way the person cant do something cheesy like press f and drop down, so even if they lose they don't die in the ps. ps's should be life or death, the center of the beam should follow the trail of...
  14. gr33nGIANT

    Throwing/Block Struggles with bots

    After reading the manual and doing the cute flash tut provided, I have as of yet to throw a bot. I have stunned them plent of times and I just cant get it right. I'll only be playing a lan game in about 3 weeks but I'd love to know how to do it before then. Also, I havn't encountered...
  15. A


    I just started playing for the first time in months, AND I have a new computer, but the game struggles worse on this one than my old virus ridden p.o.s. Now, I have Cable, A 2.4 GHZ pentium 4 with 512 ram, 60 gig HD with about 35 gigs of FREE space and a g-force 2. The game is so god damn...
  16. N

    an idea bout the beams in power struggles

    It has probably been suggested before, and it wont help the gameplay any or anything and it will have no purpose but to look cool, but i think when you are putting more ki into the beam the shaft of the beam should become bigger and the two joined beams heads should become bigger on the persons...
  17. N

    power struggles

    I think you should make the two people or more in the power struggle be locked in it, like the beam can only travel back and forth, and it has to stay in a strait line, it would make it cooler. just a suggestion tho.
  18. X

    Power Struggles ( Mods, if this is already in place, close this )

    :ph34r: Xerraire says :ph34r: Okay, we all know about powerstruggles right? And how we can all join in. Well I have 2 suggestions. Firstly a) When you are in a power struggle, Piccalo ( BAD SPELLING ) and all other none beam attacks should be weaker then beam attacks, why? Because it's just...
  19. T

    Transformation during struggles

    I had heard that when you had reached perfect transformation level, you were able to transform during a power-struggle or block-struggle. Is this true? If not, it would be a good feature to add.
  20. N

    power up beams during struggles !!

    I think it's A good idea that you can power up your beams during the struggles.. beacause if your enemy has a greater PL then your kinda dead..if you fully load your beam and he 2, and this would give you a change to win