1. L

    Will ESF 1.2.3. Fit onto A Usb Stick ?

    Hi Can someone tell me If ESF.1.2.3. And all the Add-ons will fit onto a Single USB stick ?
  2. .Maze

    W-Lan USB Stick.

    Hi there. Well i have a question. I bought me a Notebook where has an W-Lan Card already inside. So i have an PC with internet Access and i was thinking i can buy an regular W-Lan USB Stick, pplug it in my PC and connect my Notebook via W-Lan to my PC so i can share the PCs Internet with...
  3. MinioN

    Stick animations

    Hey guys i am trying to make some really good stick movie like Xiao Xiao series or something like this one .I got Macromedia Flash 8 but its immposible to do that with it.Is there any other programs?
  4. E

    important stick PSA's!

    warning! smoking is hazardous to your health and could have disasterous effects against your health this is proven by mr.stickman: sorry for the small size people o_o and, do not EVER run/play with scissors (did i...
  5. Kaination

    A stick movie i made XD

    Yeah... for anyone that gets offended im sorry but... This movie is called: Fairly Odd******s. enj0y
  6. Chakra-X

    ESF Stick Movie 2!

    Ok, I wanna make another one of these in between task. I already showcased this before, but I wanna make antoher one with SLIGHTLY more detail, a lil longer, and instead of using just my ideas, I wanted to be a crowd pleaser and incorporate outside ideas. So, during my making of this, any...
  7. Kaination

    Stick movie im making (not done)

    its not done but comment! its like a few seconds long please leave a comment! and some advice.
  8. D

    naruto stick animation

    hi i made a naruto animation YES its with sticks, and the program i use is called "pivot" search for it on google if you want the program, its freeware comments and critz please :)
  9. I

    Just to stick out...

    I just did these so i stick out a little :D <- avi <- The gif only plays once. I'll add more frames if someone wishes it. Credits go to Capcom and Megaman 3 C&C warmly welcome.
  10. E

    Flash stick practice

    i havnt touched flash in a while so beware, being in school holidays now ive decided to make a stick death as my holiday project to kill boredom. I havnt started it yet but i have started practicing as im preaty rusty. heres my first practice animation , its preaty short ;/. ill post more and...
  11. G

    wacha think of my stick fight?

  12. E

    quick dbz stick figure flash cartoon

    i havnt made one in a while so i decided to make a quicky what yous think ;/
  13. Kreshi

    SSJ4 Goku Beta!!!

    Ok, i have not finished the goku, but it is almost done! Look: The problem is the body.......... the body sucks :fight: :laff: :cry: And I have also still to make a tail, but the tail isn´t the problem.... the problem is the animations from the tail!!!!! Wahhhhhhh, I don´t have any...
  14. Viki@killer

    My first pack...

    I maked a bublle,ice and water kamehameha sprite.Also i maked new gallit gun aura.And,I maked Goku with his stick on his back(reskin from original model,credits to that person who maked it[only normal form]). I wanna now where I can post that???Ah,yes,I think I'm now reached 50 posts...
  15. §lipKnot

    should i keep reskining or call it quits

    hey i was wounder if i should stop reskining i dont know what to reskin and i dont know what peeps like so if u could tell me if u think my reskins are bad or good it would help go to my page and tell me plz
  16. B


    this is a lil selfportreit made in ps7 with airbrush-tool this is me irl (note, this isnt the refpic) i never really worked with airbrush before (used to do it with paintbrush and smudge - or highlight/dodge stuff anyway, what ya think?
  17. 1_heart_boobies

    what is Bryce 5?

    i saw it on, the one tutorial with the 3-d machanical bug thing..
  18. C

    My ESF Pictures

    Visit to see my esf pictures :)
  19. H

    Frieza without armor!

    K this is my first edit ever so it sux...I know it still has a lot to work on but oh well here's a screenie of what I've done so far... Ohh yeah, all the credit goes to the ESF team for making frieza form 1 and 2(sorry, don't know name of original modelers:rolleyes: ):p
  20. sexyasian86

    last tribute: GUNDAM model }wip{

    GUNDAM model (WIP) well here is my WIP of a gundam. gonna get some help from ssj4gogetenks. but made that head last night and it's the first model i'm actually dong on my own. well making this for a new mod im in. hope you guys like it, havent really added in the detail parts of the head...