1. Z Power

    Computer Starts but Monitor shows Blank.

    After a long, long time i am finally able to rebuild my PC again. But now after i have assembled it, when i start it, it just won't show up. I bench tested it, all the fans and Dvd drives work, all the lights light up but my monitor just keeps blinking that green light. Now before you guys give...
  2. hleV

    ESF no longer starts with HLDS

    ESF HLDS no longer starts Hello. I'm using HLDS Update Tool (the one from Steam website) and ESF server doesn't seem to start anymore. This is the list of things I do before starting it: Download & install HLDS Update Tool into D:\HLServer. Go to cmd prompt and type...
  3. RavenTrunks

    True DBZ Beam Starts

    suggestion from a bt! ohnoes! put it up for public opinion.. Ok before I start, excuse me for my crappy mspaint jobs.. Okay, before I heard that beams cant really flare out because its only one sprite thats round and faces your screen. Well I have an idea that gives those flare effects...
  4. S

    Beam Starts

    Well look at the way beams start in this pic: well, i thought considering the way the new explosions work could be used for starts of beams...... but yeah just a small idea
  5. S

    Weighted training before a game starts

    i just watched the world tornement saga(or how ever it is spelt) and i saw goku training with the weights(on his arms and legs) i thought to my self this would be a good idea for a new mode for esf. say u are bored with ctdb or team deathmatch thing. this will be good because you could...
  6. W

    game always crashes when i the game starts

    whenever the game starts my esf always crashes, i havent been playing it for a while. i never worked ever since i installed amx 4 cstrike, i uninstalled it and still it doesnt work.
  7. Lone Wolf

    Something wierd O.o

    I dont know what I made... It was done in Photoshop though. Any critz? This is the first time I made something wierd and abstract like this in Photoshop O.o Nothing special.... But I want CRITZ!!!!!
  8. DogLord

    Radu Lykan....DogLord....released!!

    Radu Lykan...DogLord *edit*released!!!! go to the downloads section and click radu lykan......*end of edit* heres a model i'm workin on......i used picolo for a base but i had to cut the arms off and a whole lot of other stuff...*edit* heres...
  9. S

    ssj3 vegeta!!!

    i just finished my ssj3 are some pics. its my first model the bodies from AZN Dragon's majin vegeta and the hairs from bryggs ssj3 goku please give me crits. ps i can't turn the model edits from a ms3d to a .mdl can you please help...
  10. Logan4434

    Leave Me Alone!!!!

    ok,many of you frequently PM me about my models or requests of models.well im asking you to stop pming me about models.if anyone from now on PM's me about asking for a model i will ignore it and delete it,so dont waste your time.if its not released on my site or Redsaiyan within a 2 weeks of...
  11. W

    when esf starts...

    when esf starts my computer always closes it :cry:
  12. Tien

    a month has pass *starts to foam from mouth*

    i like hats.
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