1. M

    Goku Standard Sound Pack

    Ok I'm trying to get the original sound effect for Goku scream.wav Somehow when I redownloaded ESF i got another one which is less cool. This scream is like SUPER INTENSE!! So does anyone have it or know where I can get it??
  2. X

    double standard

    I shall conquer it now!!! dude really what is up with the double standard. slut vs pimp so a pimp is cool, overall. personally I don’t think so, but that’s another story. a slut is bad, overall. Yes the whole “bad girl” complex is in there, but no one would really want to date a...
  3. X

    A standard drawing?

    I was just thinking, some people make a drawing thats like done perfectly and awesome Although if you ask them to draw like another stand for lets say, that person he drew.. Well then they mostly fail at it And they say they drew the drawing they made for you a billion times before.. but...
  4. W

    come in new model! כנסו יא בני זו&

    נכון שכולכם כאן מוצצים אחד לשני בציבור? just say yes :)
  5. I

    First try at humanoid sprites...

    Well, i realized that i'll never be able to draw good on a computer till i get a digi-pen. But i found a good passtime, eh... tallent? Can i say that? Well here it goes: *Here's a picture of basic angles... *Here i tried my little guy in seasonal background...
  6. Z

    Transparent Models

    There are .dll available that allows transparency in models. It is completely compatible with HL and allows for some cool things to be put in. Has a tutorial and link to dll download These .dll got into your base HL directory and...
  7. Moshe Kipod Ham

    My first (posted) reskins!!!

    I've made reskins for Gotenks normal, ssj, ssj3... TELL ME WHAT DO U THINK??? :confused:
  8. Altron


    Hey, I want to request that someone make a spray for me because whenever I seem to do it, it comes out all blurry. If you can spare some of your valuble time to do me this favor please leave your email addy and ill send you the pic i want in it. Or you can just give me tips on how to make it...
  9. Z

    the best program

    what do you all think the best program for making sigs is? btw - does any1 here know where i can download some patterns for photoshop 7.0
  10. D

    Where can i get milkshape?

    Does anyone know where i can get milkshape or like a demo of it? thanx.
  11. [NeO]_icf

    Tool for making maps

    I tried 'search' but i couldn't find anything about it so i'm asking it in this topic. What is the best program/tool to make maps for ESF? And is it free, if so, where can i download it. (is it worldcraft or something?) I had some experience with making a max payne mod (i was mapmaker and...
  12. RedSaiya

    Photoshop help

    Someone can help me in photoshop?? i need the plug-in//filter ;; photospray in <b>FREE</> someone know from where can i download it??
  13. A


    how do i deocompile it
  14. S

    first sig...

    well i think it would help a lot if i knew what is the standard for sigs but hey here goes =P i just got bored today
  15. J

    Lava, how to create it?

    Well, I'm trying to make a map for ESF. I want to put some lava in the map, just like in esf_lavapit. But how do I create that??? Grtz Joene
  16. S


    Ey Guys. i have 1 question. the QUESTION: How Do I Make Low Grav In MY Map?!! i need it for a space map. plz help me with my last question b4 Beta is out but thnx anyway to read my treath !SaiyaMan!
  17. S


    hi guys i have 1 question! how do i make something moving like that astroid in the m@p: GrandKaiArena ?? plz tell me cuz i want to make a helicopter/jet thats flying and shoot at the DBZ models like in half-life singelplayer. so i have to know it. and is my :id: posibble of that...
  18. I

    I r Noob

    Yea im a noob with art, but im working on it, in your guys opinions what is better; photoshop or paint shop pro (i like photoshop, but i need some pros and cons), btw, this is my first post with esf forum :]
  19. 4xMega-Saiyajin

    Photoshop special TEXT!!!!!

    I was just wondering how the hell the guys using photoshop , making those specially text tipes , like SPIN , look at the Banner on the banner is made with photoshop i think , but what about the text? I can only write with text tipes like "Times new Roman" or soething ...
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