1. R


    I re-formated my computer and I was wondering if anyone had the site for SOS? Thanks
  2. Z

    New Vegeta .. WIP

    Well, I thought I'd make my own Majin Vegeta, Since I love him :) .. Here's my WIP .. I'll be Done TOmorrow :P .. The modell credits go to Turk If I remember correctly, Only the skin is mine, the skinmapps are still ESF's privat thing . lol . What u guys think so far ?
  3. Eclipse

    Vash the Stampede

    first and formost THIS IS NOT FOR ESF! this is for my portfolio and practice I'm posting this here fore some good honest crits. I know i rarely post here but I still would liek some crits. The model sia WIP and I'll try and keep you updated, my polylimit i set for myself is 2500. i hope i can...
  4. Z

    sos is douche vill

    **** the sos tree huging pusy's i tink that sos s so ****t up they ar so vain that thei even think poeple woud like to rip there models (who would ) u would have to pay me big time to use models some douche ******* made so **** u all u douches ps vox i dont remember being sutch a big shot in...
  5. God Gundam

    BD Goku

    for those that care- this one i took more time to make than tha gt goku. see the difference in time and care of the 2
  6. MysticVegeta

    Andriod 17

    THis is an Andriod i made. I only need to make a soundpack and it will be released. Its for goku . Credits to makers of goku
  7. Ultra33Gokussj3

    well be amazed complete

    First of all dont tell me fix those fix that or i wont release it! :\ :\ :\ Secondli heres a complete pack of GT GOKU like i promised :laff: The edits are all in 1.1 format! Credit to: norm - AZN - arms + legs + body PrO - legs + vest skin real modeler of goku - head ss - AZN -...
  8. Ultra33Gokussj3

    NeD s Vegetto?

    Can anyone tell me where can i find NED s Vegetto Model?
  9. E

    CS Vegeta, Paikuhan, PT Gohan and Tien....

    just a few newish models alot of them are old just i revamped them and finished them off, gohan is new tho gohan is for SOS, the rest are for EF Pre-Teen Gohan
  10. G

    NeD's vegitto

    Yes, here's the Vegitto I've been practising my skills on :P .
  11. M

    Destroyable maps?

    long time ago since i posted my last post :cry: . so i got this stupid idea. does anybody know i one exsist?
  12. G

    cell saga gohan

    u guys like if anyone says if thats for esf im gonna make chesscumba ban ya :D if u like it join our forums lol :) im gonna be the lucky ***** to skin it
  13. Skinnerfool

    Is this me or do i see a person taking credit

    found it at brollma's Forum
  14. M

    Map: Room of spirit and time

    Hi people I'm pretty new here , infact this is my first post i think. :) I'm Micardi, I'm a mapper and I love doing DBZ based maps. Here's something i did the last couple of days. Any suggestions,comments,ideas ?
  15. L

    SoS - new q3 mod (WOW)

    maby we can learn some **** from them take a look
  16. A

    Is the Quake 3 mod out?..If so where can u dl it

    I want the Q3 mod!!!!!!!!!! I think its called Savior of strength. Is there any other Dragon Ball mods for it?
  17. N

    Vegetto finished

    Hi all, sorry for taking so long, but life gets busy so it took me a while longer than i hoped to get everything ready. Well anyway, the good news, is that the model is up for download here: It includes the model in several different formats, and 2...
  18. G

    I dont understand something about SOS

    whats better for the game quake 3 or quake 2?
  19. V3g3t@


    the saviour of strenght shenlong is cool look for your self

    USSJ Trunks model

    This USSJ Trunks model is for Savior of Strenght. If somebody can make it for ESF, it would be really cool. Please post if there is already a GOOD one or if somebody can make it. Damn good. If someone could make this too it would be perfect.