1. X

    do i know anyone here ... from 2002?

    i've been receiving birthday emails from this forum for like 15 years! i used to go by xeno / xenorage / spinecraft / not sure what other names. i was member of the mod project "savior of strength" (saviour?) i think i briefly had my own project called BFPXL. i was 14 years old...
  2. Nemix

    If only SoS would've lived. :(

    Saviour of Strength was a great mod... I recenlty stumbled upon some pictures and I tought some of you might want to see them too. It would be cool if they would make a comeback. xD
  3. Tenzo

    SoS - dead for good?

    the SoS team hadn't post some news for a long time! Frankly it looked promising: Discuss! :)
  4. shadowcast

    SoS models

    I saw a few SoS converted for ESF(goku and trunks) they're O_O did anyone found more?
  5. W


    A little treat for one and all - Posted Sun, 12 Mar 2006 16:33:46 -0600 by Pain Well we've been getting a lot of requests about the new aura and how it looks while animated. So just to show you guys how much we love you all, here's a little treat. Enjoy! i d******ed this file but i can't...
  6. G

    SOS Alive!!!!

    Ok i just found out that SOS is alive. But it says UT2K4 Mod. so if anyone here on there team plz tell me that it might still be for quake 3 or it might still be torque powered
  7. G

    SOS Alive!!!!

    Ok i just found out that SOS is alive. But it says UT2K4 Mod. so if anyon here on there tam plz tell that it might still be for quake 3 of it might still be torque powered
  8. Mr. Satans

    S.O.S.! (Not The Mod)

    After playing ESF again I've decided to revise my server's most popular map -- TMS_RatsZF_Test. So far I have added better quality chairs, a nicer coffee table, an LCD monitor for the computer (better textures as well). Also, I have made some minor tweaks and I have changed the credits room a...
  9. The_Forgotten

    Did SOS Die?

    The damn SOS forum wouldnt let me in so Ill post at my favorite one =D.Did SOS die cause some people say it did and some say it didnt so whats the true anwser?
  10. M

    OMG! SOS is back in business..

    Finaly SoS is back in busines... Long time thx god i had ESF othrevise i had to wait for SoS.. Link removed. Bad.. bad bad. Don't advertise! Ryoko finaly new Coders... in SoS.. thats all... and BTW tell me guys what u think Of SoS... Well my opinion is that it is the not good...
  11. M

    Whats the URL for SOS?

    Does anybody know the url for Savior of Strength, i know its supposed to be out today but i know its not.
  12. I

    SOS screenshots (made 5minutes ago) from the early leaked alpha version enjoy them until we can play the beta version :) it was made in micardis early kamislookout map you can see Cctrunks, Armortrunks and Armor vegeta...if you guys want i can make some other pic
  13. Tox

    Well, todays the day for SOS...

    Although common knowledge, i just thought i'd remind you guys that SoS, the stand-alone DBZ game should be released today. It hasn't been put on the site yet for download, but i suspect that they are still in bed. But i'm going to be watching the website like a hawk today :) I'm looking...
  14. R


    For the love of god... It is about time eh? for those who know about it ... I can't believe it's finaly here. I have been waiting for SOS to come out since it started :talk: ;/ ;( :cry: I dunno just felt like posting this cuz i was bored AND to let those who don't know that it's coming it...
  15. L


    just wondering what the url is for savior of strength
  16. S

    sos beta :D

    sos beta is gonna released in februari
  17. Rebirah

    My first model :) m16

    My first model :) m4a1 <object id="MS3DViewerCtl" width="400" height="400" classid="CLSID:59131903-4A33-40D5-80C2-5242DD365AB3" codebase=",0,0,6"> <PARAM NAME="_Version" VALUE="65536"> <PARAM NAME="_ExtentX"...
  18. Suh Dude

    Neds Veggito

    well i tryed Zerierths Tutorial and its coo crits credit ned
  19. Element4q2

    Nuzzy base - New Vegeta

    I've decided to make a new vegeta using nuttzy's base model. It was gonna be a goku model but i decided against it. Anyway heres the first skin i did. (was gonna be goku or something) And heres the Vegeta model WIP * The skin is far from done Cred: Nuzzy for the base model
  20. T