1. Mkilbride

    Windows 7 has a 93% adoption rate, 240 million units SOLD.
  2. Skyrider

    This sucks a lot.. :( wii sold out!

    I've been in over 8 shops yesterday, and to over 5 online shops and all wii's are sold out! This is not normal, it seems the wii is way more popular than almost any console.
  3. elNarr

    Bill Gates claims Vista has sold over 100 million copies of Vista..

    If vista has sold over 100 million copies all around the world, how come i see so few of Vista users? Vista has been called as the flop of 2007 , and i agree. Ok, there are a lot of Vista users : Granted. But saying that has sold and have more than 100 million users : fail. Discuss. oh and...
  4. sub

    Gary's Mod V10 to be sold over steam

    So apparently Gary's Mod V10 will be sold over steam. He's making a new site for the mod [er... game] if any of you want to check it out: I don't know how to feel about paying for something that used to be free. I would personally like it if GMod came with Ep2 or 3...
  5. F

    I sold my soul to guild wars.

    So yeah, been playing guildwars like there is no tomorrow. It's really quite sad. I played ALLLLL DAY last sunday from when I woke up, to when i went to sleep, with the occasional stretch, some food to munch on, and a shower. So my question to thee is, do you play guild wars? And if so, what...
  6. sub

    UT2004 mod to be sold on.. Steam?

    Apparently, the UT2004 mod Red Orchestra is going to be sold on steam. The mod was the winner of the "Make something unreal contest" hosted by Epic. The mods website - The mods new website (?) - I find this...