1. C

    EVM Download sites?

    Is there any other download sites for EVM? The other site doesnt work atall Cause: DATABASE-ERROR Error: [1135] Can't create a new thread (errno 11). If you are not out of available memory, you can consult the manual for a possible OS-dependent bug Host: Database...
  2. G

    anyone know some good web sites for dbz cartoons?

    Does anyone know good web-sites for dbz cartoons? i want to download some great movies which i haven't seen but really want to see. please help.
  3. B

    Any good sites

    Can you tell me some good sites to get models and addons. P.S. Is red saiyan still online or have I just forgotten the address.
  4. V

    model/map sites

    What is a good site for maps and/or models? And please don't be like "my site is good" when it has only about 3 or four models. I'm looking for a site with a lot of models. Please help. I already have
  5. S


    ;( WHERE ???????????????? o_o whyyyy? o_o what happened to site and to gsf :cry: :cry: :fight:
  6. G

    web sites for esf

    Does anywhone know some web cites for esf maps or models? P.S wrere can i get a modelator for esf so that i can create my own models?
  7. Alteh

    Drawing Sites

    HEy can you guys post all the how to draw anime/manga sites you know?
  8. F

    sites for maps

    can anyone give me some sites for maps for esf, because i had to uninstall it, and now all my maps are gone, and esf world networxx is down, and i downloaded all i can from can anyone give me some good sites, ones that arent down? Chris
  9. Ness

    ESF download sites

    Errrmmm.....In regards to ESF-World being down and all :rolleyes: i was kind of thinking.......WHAT THE HELL IS TAKING BLUESAIYAN.TK SO FRICKIN LONG?? Its not like they are making new models, maps,sprites, or addons, they are just supposed to be doing what Red Saiyan, ESF-World,GSF-United, and...
  10. D

    can u give me sites to download maps?

    ?? plz plz :D
  11. X


    i need a link to site for ESF SKINS
  12. G

    sites goin down

    heh wuts up with red sayian.. it keeps goin down.. everytime its up.. its down like the next day.. and dragon ball vortex.. wasnt that supposed to be up aug first? sorry I cant help it I am an impaitant person lol..but on the bright side to that u never have to wait for me heh
  13. V

    Mostly all sites for models r down i need a working one

    OK i need help I can't find any sites that work no more not even don't work no more.....if someone can i need a good site or any site with models...bluesaiyan don't work either.. I really want to know soon thankz Vuong P.S Thankz Alot To Whoever Can give Me a SITE
  14. L

    only if u mapper or can help

    hello......well i was wondering if u could make a budokai map for version 1.1 there might be one but everywere i download it it says wrong version so sry for the request post but ive looked everywer but no one has it so or if u just have a hyper link that would be cool
  15. L

    vagetas plz!

    can some one give me ssj4vegeta bebivegeta and ssj4 bebi vegeta plz all sites that got are offline but all the stickies dont either so can u plz send em in e-mail ive tried the request but no has sent sumpin back plz send t [email protected] thax agin ps also brolly if...
  16. Synth


    Wassap esforums, i've already tried the search technique and the is down "again")technique and now im lost. i can't find a saiyaman model and sound pack to replace teen gohan. i would really, really, really appreciate it if someone would show me any leads to getting this...
  17. B

    plz am new here where i can

    found skins to download? plz?
  18. M


    hey i have been lookin every where to get new models for esf. Since redsaiyan has gonew dowwn i have been at a stand off at getting my models. Do any of yall know where i can get new models.
  19. S

    Aura sprite

    ok i need a aura.spr file cuz the one i got sucks and i THINK its the file that makes the aurora around the saiyans and such when the transform into ssj or whatever...some one please tell me if i am wrong or not and y was my other tread closed?
  20. S

    iam new to this

    NEED HELP WITCH THIS i DL this majin vegeta that is suppose to transform diffrent but i have seen nothing diffrent i got it here its the majin vegeta pack and do i HAVE to have that exact model to have the transformation dffernt or is it a script? please i...