1. Guru_San

    sum SAN sigz

    Meh found some sigs i wouldnt mind of posting, critz etc are welcome, but as u guys prob know they aint perfect hence why i aint using them at the mo.. cheers guys (AHH HATE IT! BAH!) hmm last one wont work cause its jpg odd.. hosts are being random today -SaN'Jess
  2. Final Vegeta


    Yo could any of you great moddelers/sig makers make a nice vegeta ssj4 sig for me? would be great of you could, if you cant thnx anyways.
  3. F

    Futile's Sig Thread

    I'll just use this thread for my sigs....nothing else.
  4. A

    my new sig/avantar need critz!

    i need your critz. This is the 3thd time i use photoshoop so i am the bigest n00b in it... but here is my new sig/avantar SIG: AVANTAR: This Web banner i made for a CS clan: And at last my avantar i use in the "CS" forums so... what do you guys think? // ZioN
  5. S

    n00b sig

    just starting to use programs outside of msart...sorry for my crap...
  6. ultrassj_vegeta

    sum art

    for the last one.. im aware that the end of the thing looks didn pinch properly... i'd change it... but pffft
  7. M

    free sigs

    hey i was wondering which people here make free sigs? just wondering :) can you make me one?
  8. owa

    Photoshop 7 Info.

    Hey, I wanna know somethings about PS7. -I know you can make animations in it. But can someoen give me a slight idea how? -after you complete the animation how would I save it? I was thinging as a .gif ifle but I dunnno Anyways please help me! Thansk later
  9. J

    My FTP with sigz

    hey, as most of you know (who have my sig), my FTP is down. I have a new server. so here is a message to anyone who has a sig from me, and who doesnt have a server to host it. reply in here to get the new URL. so you have your sig back in order :) thnx.
  10. USJTrunks

    New siggy

    Do you like it?
  11. OneWingedAngel

    Sig help!

    what is everything i need to make a good sig like android and judge!? like everythin every file i need! please tell
  12. J

    pretty sick and tired.....

    k this might just be stupid to open a complete new thread of this, but i'm sick of peeps saying this:(example: Android 16): he said something like this(while i already had this sig). i made the background of this sig myself, might look like a pro made it and stuff, but i really made this...
  13. J

    If you want a sig! (read first b4 posting)

    if you want a sig, don't spam around in the forums. PM someone that makes sigz. or go here: it's a sigmakers community. you can request sigz in that forum.
  14. L

    Anyone want this Serial Experiment Lain sig?

    I was workingo nt he real flames tutorial and liked the final product so much that i decided to just play with it alittle. i used some serial experiment lain pics in it and it actually turned out nicly witht he exception of the font. if anyone wants it. just tell me if yo want your name on it or...
  15. K

    Anyone want a Vegeta Sig?

    I was bored so I made one. This is for someone without a sig or someone with a horrible sig. Just first to post gets it. Here it is. Just the first to post, leave your name (what name you want on it) and AIM
  16. OneWingedAngel

    Sig Test!

    uhh i made this sig today and i want your guyses oppinion on it (i know the writing sucks but i don't know how to make the writing kool looking) so post your response here:
  17. J

    For the peeps......

    for the peeps who want to know this. i'm making sigz again. not that much. only a selection that i choose from. most likely one per week or something like that. if it's through SMC (once it's fully operational) i'll make more.
  18. greentaco

    A little bone to pic about sigs...

    Okay, I'm seeing more and more people on here with two or more large sigs. It's perfectly fine when you have two or more small ones, but when they're like 600x150 (just estimating), it gets a little out of hand. I really don't want to type any more on this, I'm tired, and I have to study for a...
  19. K

    hey who ever made gf buus sig please read this

    i forgot who made gf buus sig but it was awsome and i was wondering if you could make me a sig and no offense to droid 16 because i use ur sigs on kaitekdroid 1.0 but whoever made gf buus will they please pretty please make me a sig with a flashy background like blues and greens then make...