1. J fox

    A intresting i found in a shop

    I saw a Vaccume Cleaner called Piccolo the other day when i went into town just something i thort you guys might want to know.
  2. H

    My Siggys shop

    as you can see am a total noo bat this so please tell meh ow i can improve thank you. :paper:
  3. I

    Photo Shop Elements 2.0??

    Hey I have photoshop 7.0 but it seems a bit 2 complictaed for my understanding so does anyone know where i caan download a full version of photoshop elements 2.0?? :)
  4. RavenTrunks

    Budokai 3 Skill shop Problem!

    Ok in Budokai 3 I got the "Black membership Card" Allows me to buy any/all skills from the shop... But the only $50,000 ultimates that come up are: Super Dragon Fist - Kid Goku Justice Pose - Gt. Saiyaman Burning Slash - Trunks Thats all and only if i buy one the other comes up, so...
  5. MajinVegeta Tim

    Paint shop pro 8

    MY trial time of psp8 has run out and i cant be asked buying it, so anyone got any other types of programs like this that they would recommend?
  6. L

    Photo Shop 7 Help!!pls

    *EDIT* Will A Mod Please Close This Thread, Prob Solved thx I Need Help With Photoshop 7, It Just Popped Up with A Warning And I Donno What It Is, I Reinstalled PS 7 On Both Drives "C: \" And "F: \". I had first installed it on my original drive C, Then after I had gotten drive F, I moved...
  7. M

    Discount cigarettes shop online-mcity1

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  8. M

    Discount cigarettes shop online-mcity1

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  9. M

    Discount cigarettes shop online-mcity1

  10. Sicron

    First Photo Shop Sig

    Well this is my first sig made with photoshop, and i know the Font from the text is stupid, but i need a site where i can download some new ones, so if anybody has a good site for fonts plz give it to me :fight: here it is :
  11. Chosen Saiyan

    paint shop pro or photoshop?

    yo i downloaded paint shop pro and photoshop a while ago and i know how to use both programs to make sigs. But i can't use the programs anymore cuz the sixty days of trying are over. Now i want to buy one of the programs but wich one? wich one is the best? plz help me
  12. Naraku

    Paint Shop Pro 7

    is psp7 better than psp8?
  13. Suh Dude

    BD Vegeta

    I need Zererth Permission to release it because i seen alot of rips out there and stuff... if he doesn't let me owell and if i see a rip of it of my skin when i release it i'll never release my ponage Gohan and my Vegeta Ur Future awaits you.....
  14. Demi-Shadow

    Piece Name: Glacial

    Ok, what do you guys think? Medium: Paintshop Pro 7, Bryce 5
  15. Vashusa

    Help with sprite edit

    I hope thios is the right place to post this. i was trying to edit some sprites. i have the sprite view and wizard programs. so i saved a sprite as a sequence. it turned it into .bmp's. i opened photoshop and did the exact same thing to all of the bmp's. i saved them and trying to use the...
  16. B

    Brolly Model

    Hi there guys i have a couple questions. 1. Is there a brolly modle out for beta 1.1? 2. what do you think my sig needs its the first one ive made and im new to photshop. thanks
  17. M

    Smo made skinning tutorial

    not for n00bs!, you need a skinmap and sum photo shop skillz
  18. MysticVegeta

    Help me please!!

    Can please somebody help. I dont know how i can change hair color. I tried everything but nothing work. Please tell me!!!!
  19. K

    creating skins

    I was wondering how you creat skins for models? Do you just draw it like in paint shop then slap it on or what. I want to start editing my own models so other people dont have to do it for me.:laff:
  20. Lethal_Vegetto


    I was wondering if someone could make a model of gohan in his birthday uniform. Ya know the one with the white shirt and purple pants..i think.....well anyway..if anyone could make that it be pretty cool.. Its just a one has to if they dont want to. Ps: im new to the...
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