1. J

    Kudos to the ESF team

    Wow I haven't viewed this site in forever but then I look at the front page. It looks like almost a totally different game. And you guys are still using Half Life and it looks like you guys updated to the Half Life 2 engine and the new melee looking GODLIKE. Wow dude theres so much I want...
  2. B

    Shin Chan

    If you don't know what shin chan is, I suggest you watch it. If you do know what it is, post some vid's. I can't find my favorite right now, but uhh, here's a pretty good one :P
  3. MinioN

    PSP-DBZ Shin budokai 2 help

    Can you plz tell me how can i transform in SSJ in DBZ shin budokai 2 for PSP? I tryed to look in google and i cant find anything.This is not for me its for my cousin and i cant play to see myself he just asked me.
  4. M

    Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai Sequel?

    I saw this posted at Myfavoritegames: Source: There doesn't seem to be any official information yet, or confirmation.
  5. |Overlord|

    Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai for the PSP Looks and sounds interesting. Possibly a cut down version of Tenkachi for psp. EDIT: - Also some more info here.
  6. jp

    About shin

    Do you remember DBZ episode 200? Piccolo's forfeit? There he had to stand agains The supreme Kai, or Shin. He couldn't atack, and didn't know why, i found it one of the most weird scenes out of DBZ. I first thought he was a bad guy, Now my question is, what was your first...
  7. CM

    Shin Carl Inc. Reskins

    All of these were done by SSJ Shin Carl, me is just hostin and postin for him. First Up- Weighing in 6 tons of lipstick, and with credits from: PCJoe for the Alpha Model and Ultra 33 for the EDIT!!! same credits and above, only the edit is different, its frieza 100 % form...
  8. MinesSkylineR34

    Kenshin Indy Art...the boredom...

  9. S


    what programs would you modelers out there recomend for a begginer.i want to make high quality models if i get good enuff.also how much math is involved in modeling cuzz.. umm..errr ya ok if you can supply a link to were to get a good program it would be greatly apreciated thnx from pee...
  10. NeLo

    Well This One Is Better...Im suprised

    Hey guys, im at it with Kenshin again although something about this wallpaper just seems really neato i think. I axed bryggz and he said it was pretty cool but kinda weird. Though i do agree with him..its just something about this piece just i dunno just makes me wanna just stare at it..So guys...
  11. H

    Kenshin wallpaper

    wonder if i should just make an art topic here and renew it like i do at dmz forums oh well Just messing with a simple style still, I liked how well kenshin expressed emotions with facial features and decided to do this.. comments?
  12. M

    Rurouni Kenshin Models

    i was wonderin if like sum 1 could possibly make models from rurouni kenshin like kenshin or Xenoske....i want some cool models :cry:
  13. M


    dabura for ghp, this wat ive done so far :
  14. C

    Pics of teh udpated kenshin

    Hey guys, i'm aware that i shwoed ya kenshin a while ago,but i something sitll bothered me aobut him,so i did update him here is the result : Flat shaded (colored ) : smooth shaded :
  15. TimTheEnchantor

    Tim's Drawing Thread

    Alright some of these images I need to redo, but these were from the year 2000 and dbz pics were back in 6th-8th I'll upload them, I will reupload some of these, I had to take pics using a digi cam so the alignment on some is bad..especially the mecha, because...
  16. K

    Ten Shin Han model?

    Anyone know where I can download a Ten Shin Han model? It's one of my favourite characters and should definitly be included in future ESF releases... his ki blasts just ROCK!! - this is one of the coolest blasts in DBZ
  17. DiebytheSword

    More Eternal Rage art

    I have been hiding in a hole, but I will be producing more art. Stay tuned :D This is Nageki, Nameless_Specter_]v['s playtest character for my RPG.
  18. C

    New model is finished(pics here) : Saitoh

    Hi guys, i've just finished a new model,here it is pic of him : pic of the model : (flat shaded version) Tell me what ya think (it's GEOCITIES,so paste the link in...
  19. C

    Kenshin,finished version

    Hey guys,i've finally finisehd Kenshin,i've totlaly changed the face! here are some pics i'm waiting for your comments ;) here is a smooth one : Flat shaded version :
  20. C

    Kenshin model

    Hi all, i just wanted to have your advice about my latest model,it's Kenshin from the anime Rurouni Kenshin. The model is for a JK2mod(name of the mod is Rurouni Kenshin : Redemption),so well,i just wanted you to tell me what you think of it!! here is the link ...
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