1. fatmanterror

    A lil somethin i whipped up

    well this is my latest venture, ssj4 gogeta, i planned to be doing this in 3d max, but my copy is messed up some how;( so i took what i learned about box modeling, and used it in milkshape, this is about 30 minutes into it, i have the head done and of course im gonna add a tail, but ill show...
  2. Naz

    One of my first 3dsmax thingy's

    made a shape or 3 with 3dsmax , and finished it with photoshop, took me some time however I'm satisfied, I hope that I'll get better with 3dsmax in the future tough grtz Naz
  3. Mr. Satans

    Aura -- HELP PLEASE

    I have been trying to figure out how to set texture families in Milk Shape 3D for a long time because I made a new aura model. I haven't been able to find any tutorials on it, PLEASE HELP!
  4. E

    Im Back, New Model....

    Hey, im back from my holiday, parents bought 25acres of land in turkey so my holiday turned into a business thing where they were sorting everthing out :\ anyway since ppl are doing 3000 poly models, i decided ill do em too heres my tien, still wip, dont say anything about the hands...
  5. Y


    could any one tell me anu sites thath could teach me step by step how to make 3d models with milk shape 3d it will be better if the tutorials are about dbz
  6. S

    Video Tuturial How u make a gun in Milkshape This is a Tuturial made by me Luda Its hosted thnx to Miria Trunks The model that i model in the tut is a Mac-10 u need a codec called Camtasia this is a tut for Milkshape Guys Have Fun -Peace Luda/Stan
  7. R

    Help with 3ds max

    Okay, I am new at using 3ds max 4, but I know theres to ways you can model... One, you can start TOTALLY of a blank sheet... the other is that there is some way you can allready start off of a model that has been preformed, in some way... or maybe even download a character thing... any help...
  8. N

    My Models

    I've registered ([email protected]!) Milkshape so now I can create models as long as I want... At the moment I'm making Guldo (the short green guy from the Ginyu Force), and I've almost completed him. I only have to make the shoulder padding and the head now, but those are quite detailed, so it takes the...
  9. Gogeta

    Modeling Help!

    Just like |-MF-|Gogeta, I also need help with milkshape3D, i need a complete tutorial of everything so i can make models for ESF and Counter-Strike. This seems compicated, but I want to learn how to do this. -Thanks [email protected]
  10. G

    Edit programs

    will some one please post a link for a edit model program besides milk shape.