1. Ultra33Gokussj3

    Improoved young gohan

    Well , i have improoved the gohan , that he looks more like the episodes. And please on topic talk only or this tread will be closed! :cry: Credit tO: Real modeler of gohan - body Real modeler of trunks - sword Heres the differemce The old one: And the new one : A...
  2. G

    Kenshin for Esf

    I made this Kenshin model. Its for Esf, the model is basicly complete but is still open for crits. Its gonna be skinned by Soccer28jp. Here is some pics
  3. S

    Sephiroth Almost Comlieted!

    Sephiroth Almost Complieted! Thats right here a pic of my fav person in da world :p i have almost finished him (got to improve the skin and touch up some stuff also am about 40% done with the new anims) i will up load a better pic tonight when i can be botherd to get round to make a...
  4. U

    does anyone have a milkshap 3d guidance

    does anyone have a milkshap 3d guidance? hat irgend jemand eine anleitung für milk shape 3d?
  5. S

    do you know a easier program?

    does someone knows a easier program than milkshape3d? please write name and site
  6. darklord_avalon

    Videl Model (needs skinning)

    :devgrin: check it out my videl model needs skin....:laff: (uses head part of body and legs of trunks) creds to esf and creator of trunks
  7. steve-o

    First ever Milk shape face by face model..

    Ok i have posted this over at SOS i know i know.. But someone wanted me to post it here as well.. so catch (notice i am just copy and pasting what i posted at sos.. after this) Ok.. my 3D studio max 5 is bust.. so i desided to play with milkshape and made this (prob my worst model ever) but...

    Help with Gmax

    Can someone tell me how to load and save ESF model files with gmax, so that I can edit it. Please tell me or post a tool or something.
  9. Mr. Satans

    Just Wondering If...

    Is it possible (in Milk Shape 3D) to take an image and put it on one of the views (cept for the full 3d view) in order to "trace" something in the image? It would making modeling alot easier.
  10. Wyatt

    Beam shape sud be fixed

    Ya know how when sum1 fires a big beam its not just a straight line coming outta there hand its like a v-shaped thing that bursts outta there hands then the beam comes. It looks sorta like this. {}=Vegeta Vegeta is going Final Flash {}<--------() IF that doesnt help then sum1 shoujld...
  11. S

    I need help with milk shape!

    i finaly got it working proporly and i only got 14 days left is there a programme that is a free model making kit like milkshape out?? i carnt find them can sny one help me??:cry:
  12. G

    New Krillen model This is a new Krillen model I made. Its really not that great, and has quite a few polies too(2400). I was bored and I did not spend much time on it. I see the problems with the neck and torso, I want get better and learn so if you see any...
  13. Ryoko

    Latest drawing

    Help me draw hands because I cant :cry: Any crits (I know the hands are pooo)
  14. S

    Wow, i think its nice... critz?

    man, i couldnt figure out how i did it, but i did do it :-\ and this is the BG by its self .. like i said, took like an hour to come up with and yea, i did make it -edit- hmm, maybe its just not good........... ill try to add some more goodys to it, hopefully the outcome...
  15. V

    i FINALLY got milkshape!!!!!!plz help

    ive got milkshape now i need too know how to use it anyone wanna tell me plz?:D :D :D :D :D
  16. SSJ n00b

    how skin with milk shape

    if i skin body his shoes come red too if i head his hair is i edit only models
  17. S

    PERFECT Ussj Trunks

    Hi everyone , i've made this really perfect ussj trunks model when i got stoned: Or: copy and paste : P.s remember i was stoned and it took me only 5 minutes :D great isn't it??
  18. S

    How do I edit .mdl files?

    I don't know what to open them with... what do I use?
  19. VivaLaPineapple

    3ds max help

    ok i just got this program so exactly how do i export this shape into photoshop?
  20. R@!D3R

    Fast Sig..?

    What you guys think.........? Didn't take long but I think it needs more.... Any idea's...