1. ultrassj_vegeta


    tryin to make a kinda 2d 3d sense.. if ya kno wat i mean?.. no.. ok..
  2. T

    First Wallpaper

    Ok, Ive started working on a wallpaper. Bare in mind I dont make wallpapers so this is my first attempt. You can comment on it as much as you like, Its not finished. You can see my first wallpaper here.
  3. TimTheEnchantor

    Wish you were here at the Home Front!

    Hope you get what this means :P I'm practically finished with it...I like the lighting and placement of the brushes/pictures...if you look carefully, next to the silhouette of the man in the right, u can see nazi fighters.. The subject: The picture of the man in front of the nazi tank is a...
  4. G

    dragonball GT goku mod?

    i heard that someone out there had a dragonball gt goku. it is the goku as a kid and when he goes ssj he grows big and is ssj goku 4.:devgrin: so if any one nows about this or has it ket me know please :laff: :devgrin:
  5. T

    I draw...manga...I'm new at it though.^_^

    I draw....some stuff...>.> Why not check it out? ^_^
  6. G

    Have a good sense of humor see this then!

    Check this out guys lol H0RNY VEGETTO!
  7. T

    a moving aura?

    is there a way that they could make a moving aura...or will that create to many lag problems. but they could make it user only or somethin plz respond to this i wanna hear all sides :laff:
  8. S

    Gundam Wallpaper

    Kay for the first time in a while i made a wallpaper, watching gundam episodes got me worked about mecha and sorts, so hence the theme, "Steel Angels"... made 2 versions, not that much diff tho, wich is better and how do ya like em :) </center>V1 V2 </center>
  9. S

    Should E.S.F get more characters?

    I would vote YES!
  10. Kman3252

    More flash

    im just a noob at flash but what do you think of what ive done so far.
  11. B


    I Found this one picture but but its not really mine but hey i found it and its cool if you can't see it well copy and paste this link
  12. V

    Goku ssj 3?

    Can someone make Goku ssj 3 battle Damage I'll thank you if you can make it! :) :) :)
  13. B

    This Doesent Make Any Sense

    i can get on some server but other it says u dont have this mod or game when i do cosi can play on some esf servers and not other why is this?
  14. Damaera


    xSDSXZDKHSZGHSDZIUKDYKIDUY oggo bogga yrzzheiuhkjfhiuhdihihihgdxhkhxkhkfhkhiuyhttyhggjkgfb hjtrhgfht njnjgtjgf ntjhtfjjftd rdtkjhrjkhtrehshksluhklcudddhdhuhfhuzhdughsuhgkhdzkhgkzdhgkjdghdjhgjdhjhgjdgdhgjdhjhjDHEJHKXHJHHFJHBGNGDL;OIDJNGNZLGJKZJHGK,HHFGJKHDLJHG LONGLKHJKJSHGKHKJZDHKZDGHKJ DKGZZ...
  15. S

    @ vassago

    can u post again the pics of ur zero model?? the model with the black long hair and a tattoo. so i forget to save it, at that time. so the model is so cool i want it in my pics archive. :) please, post it again. that would be great!!! thx [email protected]
  16. H

    2sigs combined!

    because im just that spiffy... O_O
  17. Majin Vegeta 05

    Majin vegeta model

    can some 1 get me a pic of a majin vegeta model
  18. Majin Vegeta 05

    Android models?

    is there going to be any android models like android 17? it would be cool if there is if cell could absord there dead bodys and transform
  19. S

    Sense Pl

    u could add a sense comand so u can sense ur enemies by pressing a button and then the will be an arrow or something or the character could light up only in ur screen. and the colors could be different ,colors that indicate the power of the enemie. like orange color is prettty strong and...
  20. SS_Vegeta

    Something i made.

    Nothing incredible or impressive. Just something inspired by my depression.