1. Sicron

    The USA is screwed up...

    In light of that recent other thread, I present you with this: So let the discussion start, which is more screwed up? The UK or the USA?
  2. Mkilbride

    The UK is screwed up...

    So they go into his house, take it over, and are living there, a bunch of Teenagers, it seems, and he can't get it back. I'd wanna take baseball bats to their heads.
  3. -Origin

    Okay, so I'm pretty much screwed here. Need help. :(

    Right, I don't usually bring questions like this to forums but I really don't have a choice this time.. It's like this, I have this assignment in which I had to make a weblog in php/mysql, right? Now I know next to nothing about that (I really regret choosing this subject but I can't do anything...
  4. Kaination

    Regristry screwed up?

    I've got a new mobo and all that **** so I recently re-installed windows, and I've been getting these errors... Yes, I fixed them but they keep coming back :\ Errors: They pop up randomly... Any Idea what I should do? Also. I'm thinking of switching to Linux, what's...
  5. L

    I screwed up on live radio!

    Argh!! I was uploading some stuff on my never updated site ftp, then I was suddenly called on air (internet radio), I forgot what I was going to say >_> So I didn't say anything :p All I could cough up was "Hi the-" omg.. Discuss.. *sob*
  6. Chakra-X

    You Know You're Screwed When...

    It's late and they keep reapeating Jeff Foxworthy's roast commercial, so might as well post sometin.. Everybody has probably run into a situation in the game when you find yourself in a perdicament and think "Well, I'm screwed". So basically, each poster just tags on to the topic's title...
  7. G

    This guy screwed up my esf....

    I made a server and someone joined, named morphene and after we started playing i was killing him alot and all of a sudden my name changed to *** and I couldn't go into my options and couldn't add bots to any of my games after that so i kicked him and banned his steamid, and re-installed esf and...
  8. Gogeta1

    I screwed up.

    Now I know that I can't make skins or models for ESF. Last one I was working on, was a piece of c**p. I'm not going to make models anymore and I'm not showing what I have done.
  9. X

    Thats one screwed up kid.

    This is a funny ass conversation my friend on AIM had a while back Then I started talking to this nut job
  10. Damaera


    How can I get Milkshape 3d for free? Sorry if this is talking warez or whatever
  11. Damaera


    HAHAHAHAHAH IT'S COMPLETE!!!!!!!! FINNALY I FINISHED IT IN 5 HOURS!!!!!!!!!!MY SHADOW PACK!!!!! - Credits (Copied thsi from another thread) - - Buu-- SS_Vegeta Goku-- Vassago Gohan-- SS_Vegeta Krillin-- SS_Vegeta Frieza-- -Form 1-- Vassago -Form 2-- SS_Vegeta Trunks-- Xstortionist...
  12. Damaera

    Vegeta Edit

    I made a new edit. I think It's chibi and brown or pink hair (Color is screwed up sorry)Credit to Turk for the regular Vegeta model, I'm not releasing it to ANYONE untill I get permission.....
  13. Buce

    steam=esf screwed

    omg i just reinstalled esf and i had steam now i cant uninstall steam and esf does not work plz if anyone knows how to uninstall steam tell me!
  14. S

    wtf?? i carnt get my head around this??

    well i dl the cyborg vegeta at redsaiyan.. and when i open the folder theres a readme title readmeigess when u read it, it says this folder contains a virus! and it has a trjen dll in it wtf is up woth that has any one else dl it?? or is it a joke because if it is a virus am screwed...
  15. S

    [WIP] USSJ Vegeta

  16. Stanz

    EPT Logo, Help?

    Is there anyone out there that can help me design a new logo for EPT like maybe something that brings out the DBZ look? I was thinking of having some text that had the like super saiyan aura around it and maybe some electricity going accross it that would look cool, I did some simple text in...
  17. T

    Arghhhh Screwed Up Admins!!!!!

    FFS!!!!!!!!!!! i just joined this server, saw a guy and attacked him, then suddenly he sez, DONT ATTACK ME WHEN IM TYPING! and starts having ago at me, then bans me from the server permantly! i mean ffs the screwed up admin scum!!!!!!!!!! wot did i do, play the game! and i get banned! his name...

    el screwed pics.

    Put all ur wierd pics here. if u made them on purpose or by accident. just post em.
  19. -=[EEF]=-Ghost

    Bojacks Trunks!

    ummm i downloaded the Bojacks trunks from this site here and i downloaded the Bojacks Trunks but.. both of the mdl files or models in other words are ssj bojack trunks:S and i dont have the non ssj bojack trunks with the purple hair can someone please help me get...
  20. T

    My first poly by poly model

    i had a good ref pic to help me out. this is my first poly by poly tell me whatcha think this will be gotenks body and im also redoing it to make it for kid buu its not done its about 80 percent complete
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